“Instant Reflection: Hong Kong Artists and Sketches” Exhibition by 40 Hong Kong Artists
Fri 12 Jun 2020 - Sat 22 Aug 2020  Import to my calendar


“Instant Reflection: Hong Kong Artists and Sketches”, an exhibition jointly organised by Sun Museum and Xiang Gang Mei Xie in collaboration with Hong Kong Art, will be held from 12 June to 22 August 2020 at Sun Museum. The exhibition features around 120 sketches by 40 Hong Kong artists, including Tien Chi, Wong Chau Tung, Lam Tian Xing, Hau Siu Ching, Wai King Man, Yick Hang, Chen Keng and Zhao Zhijun.
Sketching is a drawing method and is similar to improvisation in the performing arts. A painter needs to grasp the key feature of the subject within a short time and renders it in a simplified manner. These “instant” creations are powerful displays of a painter’s virtuosity and creative vision. Without restrictions, artists use different media such as ink, oil paints, watercolour and charcoal to freely depict diverse genres from urban landscapes, figures in motion to natural scenes.
Some of the pieces in the exhibition feature authentic landscapes and life in Hong Kong. For example, a series of sketches titled “Glamorous Hong Kong” by Wong Chau Tung depicts bustling streets and skyscrapers in Hong Kong with ink wash. While another painter, Wai King Man depicted the scenery of fishing villages in his sketches, “Fishing Village in Tai O” and “Drifting”, rendered with fountain pen. Some painters’ works, including “Figure in Motion” by Hau Siu Ching, “Waiting for the Green Traffic Light Signal” by Yick Hang, and “Temperature Check”, “Return to Hong Kong”, “Take-Away” and “Grateful” by Lam Shiu Chi record the life of Hong Kong people during the coronavirus pandemic.
Concurrently, Sun Museum has launched two books by Yeung Chun Tong, Evolving Monolith and A Life Story of Mixed Emotions, and “Auspicious Drawings”, an exhibition on the cartoon drawings of A Life Story of Mixed Emotions.The cartoon exhibition, “Auspicious Drawings”, which will run through 22 August 2020, showcases the original drafts of Yeung’s illustrations for A Life Story of Mixed Emotions. On display are 8 polychrome and 44 monochrome drawings all created by Yeung this year. In these images, Yeung has blended traditional auspicious meanings with modern life, conveying the anticipations of modern Chinese people.