MIRAGE by Kongkee
Sat 20 Jun 2020 - Sun 23 Aug 2020  Import to my calendar


Eaton HK will partner with Dragon’s Delusion artist Kongkee to host an exhibition titled ‘Mirage’ with all new work in their independent art space, Tomorrow Maybe. 
The exhibition will run from 20 June to 23 August. Animation director and comics artist Kongkee will take his time-based and animation practice to present a new installation and accompanying video artworks exploring the illusion of time. Two spaces will be set up as with similar clips will be projected in each, inviting the audience to consider the time that may or may not have passed between them. The same set of images cannot be seen by any two viewers. “I was fascinated when I combined two images. I was able to create millions of possibilities and each viewer has a unique experience when viewing the work,” says Kongkee. “As Heraclitus said, ‘No man ever steps in the same river twice.’” 
On 26 July an extension of the exhibition will take place — a showcase of all of the musical acts in Dragon’s Delusion will gather at Eaton HK for a concert. The line-up includes Teenage Riot, Choi Sai Ho and Veegay. Visuals will run alongside live performances and a special Premiere screening of the most recent chapter of Dragon’s Delusion. Alongside the exhibition, Tomorrow Maybe will also run a ‘school’ on Chinese pre-Qin era history including talks on art history, philosophies, religions and mythologies, as well as a performance on Qu Yuan (c. 340–278 BC), a Chinese poet and politician known for his patriotism and contribution to classical poetry and the protagonist of Dragon’s Delusion. There will also be workshops by Kongkee on his research process and his perspectives on art history and time. 

About Kongkee
Animation director and comics artist based in Hong Kong, Kongkee works in multiple media: comics, installation, new media, etc. His unique creative vision is manifested in his recent animation projects. In 2015, in collaboration with bripop group BLUR, Kongkee created comic book “Travel to Hong Kong with Blur” for the group’s album The Magic Whip, which became a big hit in the scene. Comics Detournements: La literature de Hong Kong en bande dessinée (co. Chihoi) also won wide acclaim in the international literary arts circle. In 2018, through social media platforms such as Kickstarter, Kongkee successfully launched a feature-length animation project Dragon’s Delusion. Original comic and co-directed animation short “Departure” received the Japan TBS channel “DigiCon6 Asia Gold Mention” in 2017. Kongkee is also invited to the jury for the International Competitionat the International Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart, 2019.
About Dragon’s Delusion
Dragon’s Delusion is an ongoing animation film project created by Kongkee. This is a sci-fi feature connecting some of the most talented creative powers in Asia.

About Tomorrow Maybe
Tomorrow Maybe opened in late-2018 with a programme of exhibitions that takes Hong Kong as its starting point. Located in Eaton HK, a new hospitality company that marries social change with contemporary culture, Tomorrow Maybe offers a lens into the city for first time visitors and at the same time proposes nuanced readings into the familiar for those who have an intimate relationship to Hong Kong. Projects include new commissions by artists based in Hong Kong, works by international artists providing counterpoint perspectives into the city and group shows by young curators.
Tomorrow Maybe 
4/F, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan, Hong Kong
About Eaton Workshop
Founded by Hong Kong native Katherine Lo, Eaton Workshop is the first global brand merging hospitality with progressive social change. Eaton Workshop opened doors to its Hong Kong hotel location in fall 2018, following a thoughtful series of arts, music, and cultural pre-opening events. Designed by internationally-renowned design and concept firm, AvroKO, Eaton HK was inspired by the gritty, retro nostalgia of its Kowloon neighborhood, Jordan. Its presence in the community brings an entirely unique concept to the Hong Kong and international market— serving as a gathering place and an incubator for those who wish to explore and express the freedom of ideas for the betterment of global social change. The property, from its distinct design to its diverse culinary offerings and cultural programming agenda, reflects a dynamic collision between postcolonial east and global youth culture.
Eaton Workshop is comprised of four parts—Hotel, House, Media, and Wellness. Collectively these pillars uphold the brand’s mission to gather an inclusive tribe of change-makers and creatives from around the world. Comprising a hybrid of a hotel, coworking space, media platform, and wellness center, Eaton HK underscores Eaton Workshop’s fundamental advocacy values through a robust offering of ongoing content and cultural programming for the community. And, in support of its commitment to sustainability, the property is LEED Gold certified with considerable additional strides to push forward an environmentally-conscious agenda, including banning the use of plastic straws throughout the hotel and offering vegetable- forward F&B offerings. The Hong Kong hotel follow the opening of the brand’s first and flagship property in Washington D.C., opened in September 2018.
With its East-meets-West philosophy for progressive social change, Eaton HK will inspire and nurture the freedom of ideas in a region where there is a strong need and desire for platforms that foster change. True to Eaton Workshop’s mission of supporting the creative arts, the hotel feature an art gallery, “Tomorrow Maybe,” that will showcase a rotating art exhibition of local and international talent and a photo studio, as well as a three-story art installation, a built- in radio station, an intimate cinematic screening room, live music venues— for dynamic performances, panels, workshops, readings, and more— and artist residency rooms outfitted as professional visual arts and recording studios. Eaton House coworking members will have access to the full suite of hotel offerings and are thoughtfully selected based on an aligned shared ethos. The hotel’s culinary offerings feature two signature restaurants, two cocktail bars, an innovative food hall with 10 cult food stalls, a cold-pressed juice bar, and third wave coffee shop. The brand’s global digital content platform, Eaton Media, provides the local community with global storytelling opportunities through digital and analog programming.