WORFU Art Attack II – “Merry-Go-Round” Exhibition
Mon 2 Mar 2020 - Fri 30 Apr 2021 09.00 - 21.00 Import to my calendar


Endeavouring to bring more public art to people in North Point and create opportunities for the community to come together, WORFU is now launching “Merry-Go-Round”. The new exhibition is curated by Wong Ka Ying and brings in the participation of seven artists, who have collectively created an indoor playground of art where visitors to WORFU can step away from everyday life and experience a moment of fun and pleasure.

Named after the beloved childhood game, the “Merry-Go-Round” exhibition hopes to spark a dialogue between North Points residents, WORFU shoppers, visitors and locals, and all kinds of passers-by. A variety of art works make up the exhibition, including sculpture, site-specific installations, upcycled creations, and a number of imaginative pieces. All of these build on the concept that strong bonds can transform the relationship between old and new, and ensure that ideas of sharing and caring are passed through the community. In her curatorial statement, Wong Ka Ying said, “Families are vital to the North Point’s transformation from old to new, young to mature. WORFU recognises the importance of the district’s family-unit, and is proud to present the community with an exciting new exhibition ‘Merry-Go-Round’ as North Point and WORFU celebrate the beautiful intertwining of past and present.

” The “Merry-Go-Round” exhibition at WORFU comes under the WORFU Art Attack platform, featuring the work of seven artists: Debe Sham, Cheung Tsz Hin and partner Lau Yin Kan, Milo Tse, Peggy Chan, Samson Cheung Choi Sang and Chu Yiu Wai. Striving to promote public art in North Point and amplify the spirit of the community, WORFU Art Attack is driving art events and collaborations with creatives, pioneers and likeminded organisations, as well as supporting local initiatives to make public art accessible to all. Most recently under Art Attack, the “New North Point” exhibition invited four local artists to create works exploring the evolution of North Point.