Weekend Workshop Gala @ PMQ - Fun Valentine's Day Date Ideas
Tue 1 Feb 2022 - Sun 28 Feb 2021 10.00 - 08.00 Import to my calendar


Weekend Workshop Gala @PMQ always features and brings special workshops that could rarely find in Hong Kong. Every weekend, there are more than 20 creative workshops with various choices in different fields hosted by a group of creative talents at PMQ for you to choose from.


In the coming February – also known as Valentine Month, people tend to show feelings of love, affection and friendship. While things may look and feel different this year, there are still plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your partner that go way beyond dinner and a movie. Here is a list of the unique Valentine’s Day fun ideas for you to join at Weekend Workshop Gala @PMQ, don’t forget to include a thoughtful love note!

The full list of workshops in February is available here: https://bit.ly/2Yay2Gm