K11 Art & Cultural Centre + K11 Sculpture Park at K11 MUSEA
Mon 31 Aug 2020 - Fri 31 Dec 2021 10.00 - 22.00 Import to my calendar


Since the launch of K11 MUSEA last year, many wondered whether there is indeed a secret floor below the rooftop Bohemian Garden. Today sees the opening of K11 Art & Cultural Centre at K11 MUSEA’s sixth floor - an incredible new multi-purpose cultural space spanning over 105,000 sq. ft. (9,830 sq metres) featuring an inspiring collection of international artworks from the likes of Mary Weatherford, Erwin Wurm, and Yayoi Kusama. Discover this brilliant new 6F curation which reflects the city’s waterfront culture and represents the fluid exchange of ideas in a multicultural, multilingual society like Hong Kong. Mirroring this seamless conversation of the arts into the architectural design of the 6F façade, 300+ glass cylinders invite fluid exploration between the indoors and outdoors while also lending itself beautifully to acoustics, creating a soundscape by the sea to enjoy that reflects the iconic harbourfront location of K11 MUSEA. Admire these museum quality art pieces of art as they run through the Gourmet Chamber - which includes the newly opened COBO HOUSE and an outdoor green space that forms the K11 Sculpture Park - while adding to the existing collection of 40+ featured local and global artworks across K11 MUSEA.

Every corner of 6F at K11 MUSEA presents itself with imaginative pieces of art from the world over. Curated museum art pieces by acclaimed artists such as Chris HUEN Sin Kan, Sterling Ruby, Mary Weatherford, Matthias Weischer, Yayoi Kusama and Turner Prize winner Oscar Murillo can be discovered throughout the sixth floor while magnificent sculptures by Katharina Grosse, Tatiana Trouvé and Erwin Wurm,await outside at K11 Sculpture Park. The Gourmet Chamber features artworks seamlessly displayed throughout, while also welcoming numerous restaurants and bars - including COBO HOUSE, COUCOU Reserve, Fine Wine Experience, Sushi Wadatsumi and TeaMiTea - opening in phases.