Angela Yuen Solo Exhibition: The Lost Time Travel Machine
Thu 13 Feb 2020 - Tue 31 Mar 2020 10.00 - 18.30 Import to my calendar


Contemporary by Angela Li 欣然呈獻香港藝術家香港藝術家阮家儀的首次個展《時光機蕩失路》。阮家儀對本土的所有人與事都充滿著濃厚的興趣,她把搜集回來的懷舊塑膠玩意、文具和具代表性的現成物件製作出的立體雕塑,並加上燈光投影而令香港的美麗城市天際線活現眼前。新一系列作品繼續融入代表香港的歷史文化意蘊,其中的壁掛作品裡可找到雪糕車、街邊小販、電車、人力車、舢舨和已被拆卸的皇后碼頭等的影跡。她的作品帶領觀眾進入一個平行時空,已褪色的經典本地文化元素和當今香港重要的城市形態並存於空間裡,令觀眾猶如置身在香港懷舊電影畫面中。

Contemporary by Angela Li is pleased to present The Lost Time Travel Machine, a solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist Angela Yuen. With a long fascination of all things local and nostalgic, Yuen uses manufactured plastic toys, old-fashioned stationeries and Hong Kong’s iconic objects to create playful three-dimensional sculptures and installations, casting colourful shadows which resemble Hong Kong’ magnificent skylines and street scenes. In her latest works, Yuen continues to explore elements that represents Hong Kong’s history and culture, such as ice-cream motorcycle, street vendors, trams, rickshaws, sampan boats and the demolished Queen’s Pier. Like still frames from old Hong Kong movies, her works bring audiences to a parallel dimension, where some of the faded local cultural elements and currently significant urban characters of today coexist. 



This first major solo exhibition of Yuen showcases her signature three-dimensional sculptures, both kinetic and static, with their shadows projecting beautiful silhouettes of Hong Kong’s skyline, as well as her newly developed wall hanging installations that capture lively local street scenes. Her works are nostalgic and cheerful with a sense of playfulness, incorporating old-fashioned plastic objects including plastic rulers, stencils, hair curlers, toy soldiers, rubber ducks, capsule toys, tea party sets and floral beads that occupy the surfaces. Strategically placed lights in the sculptures transform objects into imaginative silhouettes and stories; every object is carefully choreographed, combining cast coloured shadows to produce unexpected, stunning visual results.

阮家儀,1991年出生於香港,2014年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術系,並於2016年和2019年分別參與北京藝術家駐留Hart Haus藝術家駐留計劃。2019年入圍索夫林傑出亞洲藝術獎(Sovereign Asian Art Prize)決賽。《時光機蕩失路》是阮家儀的首個重要個人展覽,自2013年起她曾參與過多次藝術展覽,其作品曾於香港、北京、墨爾本等地展出。作品亦為多個香港、內地及海外公共和私人機構收藏。

About the Artist:
Angela Yuen was born in Hong Kong in 1991 and graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. She had participated in a Beijing artist residency program in 2016 and the Hart Haus residency in Hong Kong in 2019, and is a finalist of the 2019 Sovereign Asian Art Prize. The Lost Time Travel Machine is Yuen’s first major solo exhibition, and her works have been included in many joint exhibitions, public and private collections in Hong Kong, China and Australia since 2013.