Clockenflap Presents: Lewis Capaldi
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Scottish troubadour's triumphant HK return!


2020 年Clockenflap Presents 系列演唱會由蘇格蘭創作歌手Lewis Capaldi 的香港專場演出展開序幕。Lewis Capaldi 於2017 年的Clockenflap 音樂及藝術節首次登場,深受觀眾喜愛,繼當時令人難忘的音樂節演出之後,2020 年1 月12 日,他將隆重回歸香港,於麥花臣場館舉行他的個人演唱會,門票將於2019 年8 月28 日早上10 時正www.ticketflap.com/zh/lewis 公開發售。

The 2020 Clockenflap Presents series of shows kicks off with Scottish singer songwriter Lewis Capaldi, who following his festival play with us in 2017 will return to headline Macpherson Stadium on the 12th January. Tickets go on public sale at 10am on Aug 28th from www.ticketflap.com/lewis.


Lewis Capaldi 在格拉斯哥的一個小鎮成長,自小就展現創作才華的他,11 歲就開始寫歌。他從哥哥的唱片收藏認識到 Nirvana 及 Bob Dylan 等音樂人,並且深受啟發。2017 年,Capaldi 在香港舉辦的Clockenflap 音樂及藝術節上首次亮相,也是當年媒體樂迷密切關注的超新星。時至今日,這位22 歲的民謠創作歌手再上一層樓,在國際音樂舞台取得極大成功,是全球崛起得最快的音樂人之一。

Growing up in Bathgate—a small town near Glasgow—Capaldi made his earliest attempts at writing songs at the age of 11, mining inspiration from his brother’s Nirvana records and classic singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan. In 2017,Capaldi made one of his Hong Kong debut at the Clockenflap Festival as very much a hotly-tipped ‘one to watch’. Fast forward to 2020, and the 22-year-old troubadour has been on a fast track to global success as a bonafide musical phenomenon.


今年,他的大熱單曲〈 Someone You Loved 〉於英國排行榜上連續七周高居榜首,而首張專輯〈 Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent 〉更超越國際巨星 ArianaGrande 及人氣爆燈的 Billie Eilish ,成為2019 年銷量最快的大碟。他在溫布萊球場的演唱會,門票僅用了19 秒就極速售罄,而他整個巡迴演出的門票於10 分鐘內通通完售,成績斐然。

This year, hit single ‘Someone You Loved’ spent seven weeks at No.1 in the UK charts, and his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ has been the fastest selling debut LP of 2019, surpassing both Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish’s high profile releases. His Wembley arena show sold out in just 19 seconds, with his entire Arena tour sold out in 10 minutes.


樂迷把握機會,親身體驗這位大熱唱作歌手的全陣容香港首次專場演出。這絕對是一個值回票價的難忘的現場。 8 月28 日上午10 點開始售票,先到先得,售完即止!

Local fans in Hong Kong can now catch him play his first headline show in the city, backed by his full band in what will be an unforgettable evening of live entertainment. Tickets go on sale at 10am on Aug 28th, first come first served!


Clockenflap Presents: Lewis Capaldi

日期:2020 年1 月12 日


門票:港幣490 元正(座位), 港幣520 元正(企位)

2019 年8 月28 日上午10 時,www.ticketflap.com/zh/lewis 正式公開發售。


Date: Jan 12, 2020

Venue: MacPherson Stadium

Tickets: $490 (seated), $520 (standing)

Available: www.ticketflap.com/lewis From 10am Aug 28th

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