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We are overjoyed to announce that the one and only Pixies will make their Hong Kong debut with us at KITEC Rotunda 2 on March 3 2020! Tickets go on sale at 2pm on Friday Aug 7.

Pixies formed in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts and are one the most revered bands of the contemporary age. Their 1988 debut full length 'Surfer Rosa' and the subsequent critically and fan acclaimed 'Doolittle' LP (1989) helped position the band as one of the most influential alternative rock outfits of all time. The highly rated albums 'Bossanova' and 'Troupe Le Monde' followed, before the band's eventual split in 1993.

The cultural influence of the Pixies continued unabated however, with legions of fans and musicians discovering the music and re-interpreting their legacy. Their signature quiet/loud dynamics of hushed verses and explosive choruses referenced, lauded and replicated by Kurt Cobain, Radiohead, U2 and so many countless others.

In 2004, the Pixies reformed, sparking jubilation globally as one of the first major reunion stories of our time. New music has followed, with two further albums preceding the highly anticipated release of 'Beneath The Eyrie' in September of this year.

Pixies’ shows are simultaneously electrifying and lo-fi, with the focus purely on the music. Playing songs from across their incredible career and back catalogue, Hong Kong fans will finally get to witness true alt rock royalty in person, come March next year. Tickets go on sale via Ticketflap from 2pm on Aug 7. Don't delay, this is a one night only opportunity to experience these musical legends in the flesh.


Clockenflap Presents: Pixies

Date: March 3, 2020

Venue: KITEC, Rotunda 2

Tickets: $590 from www.ticketflap.com/pixies available from 2PM on 7 August 2019


我們非常高興地宣布,著名搖滾樂團Pixies 將在2020 年3 月3 日於九龍灣國際展貿中心Rotunda 2 舉行首次香港專場演出!門票將於8 月7 日(星期三)下午2 時正開始正式發售。

Pixies 於1986 年在波士頓成立,是當代最受尊敬的樂隊之一。 1988 年,他們的首張專輯《Surfer Rosa》以及隨後廣受好評的《Doolittle》大碟讓樂隊成為有史以來最具影響力的另類搖滾組合之一。其後,他們陸續發行了評價甚高的專輯《Bossanova》及《Troupe le Monde》,樂隊卻在1993 年解散。

縱使樂隊解散,但Pixies 的文化影響力絲毫無減,一批批新來的樂迷和樂評都在聆聽他們的音樂,並重新詮釋他們的傳奇。他們具標誌性的音色,在安靜和狂嘯之間自由穿梭。沈靜儼如詩句的歌詞配上爆炸式的副歌引人入勝,使一眾傳奇如Kurt Cobain、Radiohead 及U2 等讚嘆及作為參考對象。

2004 年,Pixies 宣布重組,他們的重組成為這個世代樂隊重組焦點之一,全球為之瘋狂。重組後,他們馬不停蹄,於同年9 月發行了全世界引頸而待的新專輯《Beneath The Eyrie》。

Pixies 的現場演出焦點完全集中在其既 lo-fi 又令人異常亢奮的音樂之中。等了又等,香港樂迷終於可以於明年3 月,親眼見證這支傳奇獨立搖滾樂團的真身,他們更會大玩他們整個音樂事業不同時期的作品,絕對是搖滾樂迷不能錯過的演出。門票將於8月7日下午2 時,於Ticketflap 發售。機會難得,購票從速。


Clockenflap Presents:Pixies

日期:2020 年3 月3 日

場地:九龍灣國際展貿中⼼心Rotunda 2

門票: 港幣590 元正

2019 年8 月7 日下午2 時,www.ticketflap.com/zh/pixies 正式公開發售。

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