Larkin Poe debut Live in Hong Kong 2019
Wed 18 Sep 2019 19.30 - 22.00 Import to my calendar


Voted as “the Best Discovery of Glastonbury 2014” by the UK Observer and selected as “10 Artists To Watch 2018” by the Rolling Stone magazine, born in Atlanta the Lovell sisters Megan and Rebecca also known as the Larkin Poe will be performing in Hong Kong this summer at the indie live house This Town Needs.  Tickets will be available on 30 Jun 2019 via Ticketflap (www.ticketflap.com) and some of our associate record stores including Zoo Records and White Noise Records. Early bird ticket at HK$450 last till 30 Jul 2019 and Advance ticket at HK$500 afterwards.

被英國Observer選為2014 Glastonbury 最大發現及美國滾石雜誌選為2018 十大必看藝人,在美國亞特蘭大出生的Lovell 姊妹花Megan 和Rebecca所組成的Larkin Poe將於今個夏季遠征亞洲首站來到香港於獨立演出場TTN (This Town Needs)獻技,萬勿錯過。門票將於6月30日起於網上Ticketflap開賣(www.ticketflap.com),實體門票亦於我們的友好唱片店Zoo Records和White Noise Records有售。門票分為兩種:早鳥票港幣450(七月三十日結束),預售票港幣500。