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Address : 13/F, One Lan Kwai Fong, ,
Telephone : (852)29150918
Website : www.lavar.com.hk
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Our goal is to ensure you have the most relaxed and positive experience possible. Our cozy boutique will make you feel like home, and our amazing wax will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Lavar's therapists are expertly trained in international methods to provide clients with a professional, smooth and almost painless waxing treatment. They will give you a sense of comfort and will make your visit with us a pleasant experience. We use a selection of imported premium hard and soft waxes from Europe and Australia to satisfy different kinds of skin and hair types to prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs, redness and associated painful sting. Amazingly, our hot wax will remove short, stubborn hair as short as 1mm, and our strip wax will remove hair as short as 2mm, leaving your skin soft and smooth with no sticky residue. Premium Wax Selection Provided By Lavar Strawberry Wax - is designed to pamper the senses with a decadent strawberry scent and its luxurious velvety texture. With Titanium Dioxide to reduce redness it's perfect for waxing delicate areas and for those with sensitive or mature skins. With superior flexibility to ensure a smooth, silky finish it is the ultimate wax for a deluxe treatment. Once heated you can't mistake that luscious strawberry scent. Rose Wax - Exotic red with calming Chamomile and Rose. Excellent for all waxing and fabulous for Brazilians! Removes stubborn hair as short as 1mm gently, thoroughly and painlessly for most. Chocolate Wax - Its soothing, revitalising and moisturizing effect, specially suitable for tight, dry skin that usually suffer from irritation.


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