Don Don Donki - Tseung Kwan O

Address : Shop Nos. 107-113, 115-122, 1/F, Monterey Place, No. 23 Tong Chun Street, ,


The store is located in a pleasant coastal residential area, creating a convenient shopping locale for families living nearby. So as to bring enjoyable moments of family togetherness for customers in the area, the new store is harmonized to the concept of "Picnic", and will operate 24-hours a day so that consumers can make the most of valuable leisure and entertainment experiences at any time of the day or night. As a one-stop shopping hotspot, the Monterey Place Store sells a variety of fresh produce, groceries and daily necessities from Japan, as well as introducing a variety of children’s food and candies, sports equipment and pet supplies, meeting the round-the-clock convenience needs of those living nearby. DON DON DONKI understands that modern families are keen on having access to healthier and more specialized food items, and so the new store exclusively offers a collection of tasty nourishment including Yuzu pork from Kagoshima and high-quality Japanese cherry tomatoes.


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