Pizzeria Jacomax

Address : Shop C, 88 Commercial Building, 38-42 Wing Lok Street, ,
Telephone : (852)28514688
Website : Jacomax.net
Opening Hours :
12:00 - 23:30
12:00 - 01:30
12:00 - 23:30
Cuisine :
  • Italian
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Everything started with two Home-Sick Boy Jacopo, co-founder of Jacomax Pizzeria, started his career in his own gelato shop based out of Saikung in 2010 named BIBINI, crafting all home-made gelato on site, which gained him success and recognition in Hong Kong. Maxy, the other co-founder of Jacomax ,lived in Saikung, nearby Jacopo gelato shop. He and his family were the most loyal customer of BIBINI. Soon he and Jacopo became good friends. Max was working in the world of fashion garment but always secretly wished to open a restaurant. He and Jacopo were costantly home-sick about their home style food. They always find themselves complaining it was impossible to go to a good italian restaurant without crying when the bill arrive! Beside the quality of the food was nothing like at home Maxy got an idea : why not to make a Pizza as good as Bibini gelato? Being Italian and costantly home sick about traditional food, Jacopo accepted enthusiastycally !! Thats where the name JACO-MAX come from ! Two friend linked togheter thanks to the power of food! After many trials and errors , they finally discover the recipe for the perfect pizza dough. CHE BUONO!!! Soon their pizza became a sensation ! Thanks to a loyal base of fans , friends and lovely customer they were able to open another retail in Quarry bay and then in 2014 to expand Sheung wan shop! Jacopo and his lovely wife and family still run the places and they are ready to open more and more restaurants, spreding the good name of REAL ITALIAN FOOD !


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