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DJ. Agni is the first Indian female Dj in Hong Kong. She has revived the Bollywood Club Culture in Hong Kong since 2012 & has brought back the Indian cinema music amongst the South Asians in Hong Kong. Currently rocking the Hong Kong party circuit with commercial Club & EDM. Revamped the Bollywood sounds with her Desified music sense. Dj Agni started career as a DJ in 2005. As Dj Agni quotes 'Music was always a part of my spirit & dancing has been extension of my creative experimental soul'. Never the less she has developed the passion for Music where Dj. Agni is exploring the world. Google search & you can find more about Dj. Agni. After a break of 5years Dj Agni restarted her journey of exploring music once again in 2011. Here I am Dj Agni. Dj Agni has played in clubs in India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Indonesia. After a 5 years break from Djing for pursuing my other career goals. June 2013: Dj Agni in association with Rezonance Events has played an eminent part in 'Club Culture'-DJ Dev documentary Hong Kong episode A travel log documentary on Dj Dev life. www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=N_YR9wj0-HM 2013: Presenting an experimental effort in the form of ‘Rezonance Events’ in Hong Kong Dj Agni head the team. We are a team of young creative souls who believe that the 'Party begins with the People, all we need is a reason to come together.’ It is we who create that reason for all that high spirited fun. Rezonance Events in Hong Kong we are redefining the Bollywood club culture in Hong Kong. www.facebook.com/rezonancehk 2012: In Association with Hong Kong based group 'EMERGE' conceptualized a show called 'Dirty Blends' - a power music audio-online streaming from Hong Kong for an online radio station 'The Movement' every Saturday with DJ Emerge - Dj Envis Emerge - Dj Agni www.facebook.com/emergehongkong www.facebook.com/Themovement.in http://themovement.in/dj/dj-agni/ http://themovement.in/shows/dirty-blends/ 2011: Restarted her journey in Hong Kong as the first Indian girl DJ. Currently rocking the Hong Kong party circuit with Bollywood sounds & reviving Tech-House in association with ‘Emerge Hong Kong’. 2005: First claim to fame was being the finalist for ‘War of Dj 2005’ Mumbai. 2004: Music was always a part of her spirit & extension of her creative experimental soul. Dj Agni started my journey as a DJ in 2004 under the guidance of Grandmaster Jo Azaredo in Mumbai. Dj Agni hold high regards for her teacher quoting her respect: 'Amazing teacher I have ever known is Sir Joe. Visit Azaredo Acoustics website well he is the one who has seen me struggling with the pitch & he made me get it right' (www.azaredo.com) Press Release: • www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1021607 • www.therecordmag.com/mar2006/djagni.htm • www.cybernoon.com/DisplayArticle.asp?section=xtras&subsection=womensextra&xfile=April2006 • www.mid-day.com/hitlist/2005/september/119186.htm • wwwmovies.indiainf

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