MCL (South Horizons Cinema)

Address : 4/F, East Commercial Block, 18A South Horizons Drive, ,
Telephone : (852) 2180 7326
Website : www4.mclcinema.com/MCLCinema.aspx?ci=011&visLang=2


Opened in March 2016, MCL South Horizons Cinema is located at Ap Lei Chau. Adopting a "Booth-less Projection" design to reduce the required floor area for the cinema premises, MCL South Horizons is the first cinema in Hong Kong setting a precedent for future cinema development. There are 3 houses with a total of 555 seats, all adopting the design of theatre stairs and unimpaired sightline with spacious leg room, allowing audience a comfortable seating. Each house is equipped with the latest 3-D digital projection system and Dolby 7.1 surround-sound audio setup to provide audience with diversified and high quality audio-visual enjoyment.

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