Golden Harvest Cinema (Whampoa)

Address : 2/F, Screen World, Whampoa Gourmet Place (Site 8), ,
Telephone : (852) 2364 7434
Website : www.goldenharvest.com/cinema.aspx?id=9&lang=eng


Orange Sky Golden Harvest played a major role as the first Chinese film producer successfully entering Hollywood with staying power. It has also been exceptionally successful as an independent producer in Hollywood, and its English language productions include various mega blockbusters. More importantly, the present interest in Hong Kong films – in particular the action genre – in the West today was nurtured on many of the hits produced by the Group.

OSGH plays an important role in distribution of Chinese language movies in the region, and has also been actively acquiring distribution rights of quality international films for regional distribution. To date, OSGH owns a movie library with more than 140 films for distribution.


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