Emmer Pizzeria & Cafe

Address : Shop no. 407, Level 4, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, ,
Telephone : (852)27801110
Website : www.emmerpizza.com
Opening Hours :

Breakfast: Daily 07:30-11:00

Lunch: Daily 11:00-15:00

Happy Hour: Weekdays: 16:00-19:00

Dinner: Weekdays 17:00+ / Weekends & PH: 11:00+

Brunch: Weekends & PH: 07:30-15:00

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Our name is our beginning: Emmer is an ancient, organic heritage grain, which we blend with rye and good Italian flour. These hand-selected grains are lower in gluten, and higher in nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. We don’t use them because they sound good, or just because they are good for us, we choose them because they make every pizza naturally better, and naturally tastier. taste is at the heart of everything we do - and we take things slow to get the taste right, milling our grains by hand, then letting the dough ferment over two days to let it rise to something naturally light and naturally airy. Then, when the dough is ready, we speed things up: we bake every pizza in an iconic rotating steel oven. We top them with a small amount of ingredients to really focus on the flavour. Then we slice. And we serve. The final pizza is the perfect blend of chewy and crunchy. Light inside, with just the right bite of crunch from the crust. 11 inches, 6 slices and shared…or not! Eat in with a good soundtrack and even better service. Or take it to go, to enjoy wherever, with whomever.


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