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Stats don't lie. Turkish Airlines has been Europe's best airline for six consecutive years on Skytrax. It's also Turkey's Most Valuable Brand according to Brand Finance's research in 2016. What's more? It's about to get better.

Turkish Airlines is cooperating with Denon in providing headphones to business class flyers. Now Denon is no ordinary company; it's a famous audio equipment manufacturer. So, guess what? Those aren't ordinary headphones either. They're noise cancellation monsters, able to deliver perfect sound with near perfect ambient noise reduction.

It's a tech world, and it doesn't quite end there. Business class passengers without rear screens may be offered a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to reach their in-flight entertainment. Which is a real treat, considering Turkish Airlines has just updated their database to include over 450 films, 300 TV programs, documentaries, and 1300 CD albums.

Their quality in-flight experience only gets better. Business class flyers may get comprehensive amenity kits with socks, combs, earplugs, dental kits, and cosmetics. Child passengers may get toys and children kits. For fairness, everyone gets a pair of 100% cotton slippers. Those, and the 'Sky Illusion' sleeping collection, with Sleeping Pads, Quilts, and Waist Pillows. To make privileged travel even more prestigious, business class ottoman sleeping spaces reach up to 75 inches when fully reclined. Now that altogether sounds more luxurious than sleeping at home, and we're talking 35,000 feet above ground!

If there's one thing that I find critical in flights, it's good food. On that front Turkish Airlines knows what to offer. It's got 5-star restaurant quality service, put together by their experienced 'Flying Chefs'. Frequent flyers are either homesick or keen to learn about their next destination, so Turkish Airlines offers localized tastes. It also seems they're adding a touch of romance to the equation, since-- well, it's a candlelight dinner.

Now all that sounds like the dream trip your life is destined for, but it's too much hassle to arrange a trip, you say. Fear not, for Turkish Airlines has it all figured out. Their new mobile app has everything you need, from flight booking to cancelling to upgrading. It's also got tips for travellers like maps and directions, just so you're never lost.

With that in mind, what are you waiting for? Book a flight on Turkish Airlines now to enjoy all the luxuries on Europe's best carrier!

Visit http://www.turkishairlines.com for more information.

Written by Vivien Au