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The 10 Cheapest Places to Fly Off to From Hong Kong

Summer doesn't just mean junk trips, but often, lots of holiday planning and frantically googling the cheapest place to jet off to for a few days off. It's definitely peak season, so it might be hard for you to get the best deals. But fear not residents of the Fragrant Harbour, we’ve done the research and discovered flights away from the city can be a lot cheaper than once presumed. Here’s a list of the cheapest places to travel to!

Top 8 Stylish Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong worth a stay

Whether you’re visiting Hong Kong or looking for a weekend staycation, there are plenty of options besides the traditional five-star hotels. Defined by their sometimes smaller rooms and less decadent facilities, these boutique hotels make up for it by having gorgeous interiors and artistic designs. Take a look at our top 8!

5 Tricks to Save Money When You're Travelling on a Budget

We can feel summer almost here in the air, and our minds have fled Hong Kong and turned to bluer seas in the Philippines and cherry blossom festivals over in Japan. Wanderlust isn't always practical with the extortionate price tag on travel, but we've found a few ways to jet set without burning through our salary below.

6 New Ways to Explore & Experience Hong Kong today

There's so much this city has to offer and sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to rediscover its magic. To keep you from getting jaded, we've found six fantastic ways to experience the city from bird's eye views to secret graffiti tours below. Keep your phone onhand, you'll be dominating the #hkig tag on Instagram in no time.

14 Apps You Can't Live Without in Hong Kong

There are reasons why we can't live without our phones nowadays, and one of them is those handy lil' apps. You now can rely on them to do almost everything - from booking a restaurant, buying movie tickets, booking your next flight, to looking for that special someone - anything is possible. We've handpicked some of the apps we can't live without, and soon you won't be able to either!

Heavenly Getaway: Sri Panwa

It’s a brand new year, and what better way is there to kick start the year than to have an exotic getaway? It’s rather gloomy here and we wouldn’t blame you for dreaming about sunshine and the sea… Well we’ve got some inspiration here for you, so if you’re planning a trip (especially to the gorgeous Phuket) then this is a must-read!

New Balance Popular Collection

Summer 101: Top Staycation Deals and Destinations


Summer is almost half way done, and if you haven't taken advantage of all the sunshine to dip your feet in the pool and just relax, then we know exactly what you need. Everyone needs a staycation (a vacation without leaving town) from time to time to recharge, and lucky for you, Hong Kong and Macau is full of summer staycation offers. Read on to check out the best packages around town!

Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Hong Kong

Sometimes beaches can get a bit too crowded and just, well. Too sandy and hot. Here’s where the pools of Hong Kong come in. If you want to be treated like a king while you tan, or if you’d like to go chase some natural waterfalls (yes, in the 852)… Here’s a list of all the best pools in town!

Hidden Beaches in Hong Kong to discover


We all love an afternoon in the sun on the beach, but then again so does the rest of Hong Kong. Between finding a spot, fighting the queues and avoiding the tourists groups that comes in bus-loads, the usual popular beaches get pretty tiring. Worry not though, we are way ahead of you and handpicked Hong Kong's best hidden beaches for your benefit, so read on!

Hong Kong Chinese New Year To-Do List 2015

Whether you are one of those who give out red packets or the lucky ones who get to receive them– there’s so much to look forward to during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.  It is impossible not to be caught up in the energy as you squeeze into crowded temples to pray for good fortune, browse festive markets selling auspicious foods and blooms and photograph the shock-red lanterns that adorn the city.  Before you plan out your holiday, allow us to tell you what there is to do in town for CNY.  Check out our Hong Kong Chinese New Year To-Do List 2015!

Top Taxi Apps to use in Hong Kong

Imagine after a night out in Lan Kwai Fong, or just coming out of the stadium after the Hong Kong 7s... You're tired, maybe even a little bit drunk, so it'll be the best thing on earth if you could just hop on a taxi and head on home. But the only thing in between you and your bed is a seemingly never ending taxi queue... Apart from admitting defeat and trotting to the MTR station, here are 5 transportation apps that can save the day!

A Taste of History at the Grand Lapa Macau Review

It started raining all of a sudden on that particular weekday, as I panicked through the traffic on the crammed morning bus to get to Hong Kong Macau Ferry Pier. Arriving 9:50am just in time to catch the 10:00am ferry; I didn’t really get to calm myself down until I boarded the ferry. It’s a short one hour ride, but the transcending journey from a busy, well to another busy city, can still offer a certain extent of relaxation.

Volkswagen Beetle GSR Yellow and Black Party

The Volkswagen Beetle’s cute body shape and good value for money price has made it one of the most favorite car models for both women and men; not to mention, it’s variety in colors and the eye catching Bi- Xenon headlights are only found on this heart grasping bug. After 40 years; the brand is reintroducing the black and yellow Beetle GSR, better and limited with only 1 available here in Hong Kong.


The award-winning Members-only Quintessentially Lifestyle launches exclusive access App

If you’re someone who shops on your iphone and watch shows on your tablet; you would know how convenient the current world of technology has made for any of us to gain access to pretty much anywhere. From getting first hand to news, sneak peeks on runway products, pre booking reservations to your favorite restaurant; everything can be done via a slight click and an easy swipe. But what if you can get all that access from just one app? No more multi window browsing on your Android nor Apple. It would just be one application you need to open and you’d receive curated lists of the finest restaurants, hotels, spas, bars and nightclubs around you.