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Imagine after a night out in Lan Kwai Fong, or just coming out of the stadium after the Hong Kong 7s... You're tired, maybe even a little bit drunk, so it'll be the best thing on earth if you could just hop on a taxi and head on home. But the only thing in between you and your bed is a seemingly never ending taxi queue... Apart from admitting defeat and trotting to the MTR station, here are 5 transportation apps that can save the day!


For all avid travelers, Uber should be no stranger. A popular international town car or taxi rental app for both Apple and Android users, its unique selling point is that it is a secure and cashless experience. All you have to do is register an account on the app, take a picture of your credit card or connect to Paypal, and you are good to go. The town cars are charged by duration (plus toll fees), and you will be able to get an estimate fare quote, see the route taken as well as driver's information all on the same page. You can take your pick from different sized Uber town cars or even use the app to call for a local taxi at no extra charge.

Easy Taxi

This app is a local's favourite for calling taxis in Hong Kong. Available on almost all smartphone platforms as well as having a web app, it makes calling a taxi without extra charge so much easier than standing around on the pavement waving your arm. Similar to Uber, it auto-detects your location, and you may choose to add extra tip to attract drivers to take up the order. This is especially useful during peak hours or obscure locations. It is currently cash only, and you can confirm on the app whether the ride has arrived.

HK Taxi

A Chinese only app that is very basic and claims to have a large group of local taxi drivers on call. You can choose your pick-up spot from a list of areas, past records or by auto-detection. You can also fill in your tunnel preferences or other specific requests. The designated driver will then call to confirm all details and inform you how long they will take to arrive.


Another Chinese only app, Kuaidi or Kuaidadi can be used both in Hong Kong and greater China. This app is great for people who frequently make trips to China, and you can even collect loyality points for supermarket cash vouchers or other gifts. You can set one-click pick-up locations like your home and office, and you can confirm on the app whether you have hopped on the taxi.


If you have a pet in Hong Kong, you'll know how unaccommodating public transport can be. EasyVan is a great alternative to taxis, it's also a great help when you're moving houses or furniture. Booking vans in Hong Kong before have proved to be difficult with van drivers and companies mostly speaking Cantonese, but with EasyVan, you can see all your options clearly, plus you can let your van driver know any special requests you have beforehand, like moving help or if you're bringing along your furry friend.

Written by Karen Chiang