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Doesn’t it feel like Every single dating app is the same. Sure, they might vary in colour or style or name but ultimately they require endless hours of swiping in order to find someone who looks vaguely up your street. And do you meet them? No.


This has now changed.


The Inner Circle is the dating app that categorically refuses to be put in the same box as all the others. How? The very foundation of the app it is designed to get you off  your phone.

1. No Swiping


By completely rejecting the swipe-based interface, this app removes any gamification tricks that literally just try and keep you on your phone. Instead, you browse the dashboard of specifically selected matches that you’ll actually like. 




2. Verified profiles 


Each new member is verified manually. This means there are no fake profiles and no catfish. They make sure that everyone is using an image that is up to date and high-quality, so you can actually see who you’re talking too. 



3. Date venues on tap 


The Inner Circle has this genius feature called ‘spots’ which means with just the click of a button you can find local restaurants, bars or clubs local to you that other members like to go to. They’re tried and tested date locations, so you have no reason to worry when meeting matches. The best thing? You can see who else goes to your favourite spots and meet them there. Easy. 



4. Industy leading events 


Boasting the industry’s expert on dating events, The Inner Circle hosts outrageous parties every month in some seriously nice venues. From underground house parties to rooftop cocktails, they always make sure there’s something for everyone. If online dating isn’t for you, these events are the perfect way to mingle and meet singles in real time. 


This app is genuinely like no other. If you’re serious about finding someone and are fed up with wasting your time, give it a try. You have nothing to lose, sign up here for free