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No matter how environmental friendly and aware you are, there is still no way you can stand the heat under such blazing weathers of at least 25 degrees Celsius here in Hong Kong. Instead of going straight for the air conditioning though, Dyson’a newest Cool™ fan can be an alternative option.


75% quieter even when powerful airflow is maintained; the fan is given a remote control as well as a sleep timer so it can automatically switch off during times of sleep to give it a rest. With ten different airflow settings, let the machine cool the air for you with your preset settings for up to nine hours. Safe, easy to clean, and awarded the Quiet Mark to the new Air Multiplier™ technology by The Noise Abatement Society; every component of the fan is tested at Dyson, creating this quiet but functional cooling agent suitable for any household or offices.


Written by Joyce Tsang


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