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Every time I buy a speaker for my home, there always seems to be a new one coming out just around the corner.

Once again this is it the SOUNDFORM ELITE™ Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger. This is a collaboration speaker by Devialet and Belkin, combinging their knowledge and skills that they are both famous for. Belkin is known for fast wireless charging and Devialet (whom we have written about before) is known for their acoustic architecture.

The speaker lets you charge your phone, play music and connect multiple Google Assistant enabled speakers.

The only way to really test it out is to listen to the sound is one of the retailers in Hong Kong. We plan to do just that this weekend and see how it compares to similar sized smart speakers (like the one I already have).

The price? Expect it to be going for HK$2,698.

For more photos, full specs and other details about it CLICK HERE.