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If you’re someone who shops on your iphone and watch shows on your tablet; you would know how convenient the current world of technology has made for any of us to gain access to pretty much anywhere. From getting first hand to news, sneak peeks on runway products, pre booking reservations to your favorite restaurant; everything can be done via a slight click and an easy swipe. But what if you can get all that access from just one app? No more multi window browsing on your Android nor Apple. It would just be one application you need to open and you’d receive curated lists of the finest restaurants, hotels, spas, bars and nightclubs around you.




The Members-only Quintessentially Lifestyle is opening up to the public, launching their newest App for ordinary accessibility for Non- Members and full insights for those who are in the club. With a full database of information for 50 of the worlds most traveled to cities; users not only gain knowledge on the nearest entertainment, travel and shopping venues, but also gets a chance to purchase tickets to exclusive world- class events and be notified about particular fashion trends and products for the look out.

Choose between the different categories offered on the app and receive a whole list of recommendations of events and activities that are related. With the app, users can also enjoy completely exclusive opportunities and alerts as to where to get the last minute table for a sought- after restaurant or purchase early bird tickets for popular concerts. Simply Geo Tag your location and the App is ready to surprise you with delights!

Efficiently make your purchases, save line ups and wasted time by traveling with the Quintessentially Lifestyle App which offers the most exciting experience around over 60 cities in the world!
Download the app from the apple and android app stores or visit www.quintessentially.com/app

Written by Joyce Tsang