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Even though some people are still hesitate about wireless headphones or earphones, we are glad to see there are more and more options in the market. If the appearance of wireless headphones or earphones are the reason is the reason that constantly try the technology accessories, then you should take a look of the new SUDIO Nivå.

Honestly speaking, SUDIO Nivå almost can double as jewellery pieces but you shouldn’t be surprised after knowing the brand is from Sweden and Scandinavian design is what the brand is good at. The Nivå earphones are truly wireless and looks sleek, you can tell the idea is quite similar with Apple’s Airpods but much more fashionable – you can opt for smart all black or white with rose gold decoration.

For the functions, they can answer phone calls, control music and support Siri on iPhone. Besides, for the battery life, they last about 2.5 hours straight for listening music but the container is also a mobile battery so you can 8 hours out of it after recharging. Price at HK$799. See where you can get them SUDIO in Hong Kong here.