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Following the swift development of technology, music fans’ demands for quality music apps are also increasing. On June 23 2014, MOOV invited friends from the music and media industries to meet its redesigned trademark and its innovated music app that includes the brand new LyricSnap!TM.




MOOV understands that Hong Kong people are looking for something more than just a music app but an app that is truly “Hong Kong”. The innovated MOOV music app allows fans to experience the idea of “MOOV music is simple”. MOOV invited more than 20 music masters including Brian Leung, Wyman Au, Chet Lam, Eman Lam etc. to create over 1000 music lists that satisfy music fans’ desire for new fresh music. In addition, it offers the all-new LyricSnap!TM function, allowing music fans to enjoy  the visual, physical, and auditory experience they have never felt before.

The new interface is now more graphic-based and easier for its users to control and manoeuvre. Also, to accommodate with Hong Kong people’s busyness, MOOV music app classifies its music according to its genre with a touch-tap design. The new design allows music fans to choose, listen and collect their favourite songs in just one tap.

Heard some great lyrics and want to share them with your friends? LyricSnap!TM is here to help! All you need to do is select the LyricSnap!TM function, pair your favourite lyrics with your favourite photos or MOOV’s pre-set pictures, and edit your images according to your mood. Voilà! A personal, one and only LyricSnap!TM picture is now available for you to share on all your social media platforms like Facebook, WeChat, Whatsapp, Weibo, Instagram (only available to Android Phone) etc. MOOV is also currently collaborating with different local creative units in hope to create more unique default themes that can most accurately describe its users’ feelings in the moment.

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Written by Crystal Chan

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