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Other than it being a vital and functional component in our lives; lighting and light bulbs can also be easily categorized as mediums of art. Instead of hiding them within lamp shades; why not expose them to the public as beautiful interior adornments?




Minimal yet not simplistic at all, the 2007 founded PLUMEN energy saving light bulbs by Hulger has been further developed into the 2010 version PULMEN001, winning the Design of the Year 2011 given by London Design Museum in the same year. With a global sale of over 200,000 pieces; PLUME001 has long been a part of MoMA, V&A as well as Cooper- Hewitt’s permanent collection.

80% more energy saving than our traditional bulbs with a lifespan of up to 8 years; the twisted beauties not only decorates our houses but also saves our money when it comes to electricity bills.

Durable, attractive and revolutionary to the normal views on light bulbs; find PLUMEN001 as well as PLUMEN Drop Caps in black, white, red and bronze available now at {sfs} streetside cafe / lifestyle gallery.




{sfs} streetside cafe / lifestyle gallery

Shop B2, 9 St Francis Street, Wanchai






Written by Joyce Tsang

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