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As music playing devices change rapidly through different models and forms in time spans of only months; people change through and consume new tech goodies in an instant flash. It’s the same with headphones; but certain models gets lifelong attached to true listeners by delivering individual’s specific preferences in sound and comfort. Headphones can’t be too big, it has to give a good ring to the ears, and it should most definitely be gentle to the skin; not to mention for it to look hip and trendy to match one’s daily outlook.


This American hip headphone brand I-MEGO is aiming to fulfill their users in the mentioned criteria. Spreading across Asia rapidly, gaining attention from the public as well as celebrities like Vanness Wu from Taiwan, Crayon Pop from Korean and Hotcha from Hong Kong; they are releasing the newest version of Throne to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.


Released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea; the headphones uses the construction of a retro microphone as their blue print in the designing for the newest product’s outlook. Came in colors such as gold and poison; this 2013 collection will be in black (Dark Angel) and white (White Devil).

Not only do they look different, the Dark Angel and the White Devil is tuned to deliver certain qualities of sound. Preferred for users who listen to a lot of heavy bass styles of music such as R&B, Pop and Rock; the Dark Angel is implemented with heavy bass speakers to deliver a unique experience with your choice of music. As for the White Devil; it is made to highlight and strengthen the natural tonal notes of middle and high pitch for a more 3D experience when listening to new age, Opera and Instrumental tracks.

Made with a leather head strap matched with the shiny exterior; the Throne ear cushion uses memory foam and is covered with a high protein layer to deliver utmost comfort to the skin. Using 40mm double layer; the details within each note is delivered at ease. On top of that, a remote is connected to the cable for instant control over volume and play. It is also made with call functions for usage when connected with your mobile devices.

Internationally recognized with the International CES Innovations Award as well as Plus X Award and A’ Design Award - CE/FCC as proof of excellence; express your taste with the newest Throne headphones by I-MEGO.

Visit http://www.i-mego.com/shop/ for more information.


Written by Joyce Tsang