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There are reasons why we can't live without our phones nowadays, and one of them is those handy lil' apps. You now can rely on them to do almost everything - from booking a restaurant, buying movie tickets, booking your next flight, to looking for that special someone - anything is possible. We've handpicked some of the apps we can't live without, and soon you won't be able to either!


1) Openrice

The most used and arguably hated but loved platform in Hong Kong. Find the hottest restaurant or just something nearby, or read up on the latest reviews and be in-the-know about what to order and which place has bad service. You can also book your table and grab some exclusive discounts only available via the app.

2) iPick

We're all about diversity, so of course, there's more than one app when it comes to the city that's all about food. iPick is another alternative when you're looking for authentic user reviews of restaurants. There's also a neat little community going on where you can like and comment on reviews, as well as check out new restaurants and hot-off-the-press menus.

3) FeedMe Guru

FeedMe Guru is your portal to check out the best restaurants in Hong Kong as recommended by your friends, magazines and numerous food bloggers around town. In fact, it is also where we look for trending places, (because we want to know what you guys want to eat!) This is your golden ticket to a FOMO-less foodie life.



4) MTR Mobile

It's a surprisingly uncommonly used, but it does pack in punch in this simple, user-friendly app. You can find the best route, estimated travel time, travel fees, as well as the first and last train times, which really comes in handy when you're planning to cut the cost on a night out. You can also find the nearest MTR station to your destination. Neat, huh?

5) KMB & LW

3 things you need to know - bus routes & stops search, alternatives for lowest bus fare/stops, and estimated arrival time. Plus photos & map of the bus stops makes this app a must-have for people who are new OR old to the city.

6) CitybusNWFB

If you aren't taking a KMB bus (the ones with the pink seats), you might want to keep this app handy. You'll get point-to-point route search, plus all the deets you need to know like walking distance etc., to keep your journey a lot less confusing.

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9)  KFit / GuavaPass / Class Cruiser

They don't want us to think so, but they are all different variations of the same thing: mobile fitness pass. They all let you work out unlimited times a month at different partnering studios. They all bill you automatically each month and caps at 1-3 visits per studio per month. So what are the hightlights of each, you ask? See below.

KFIT: $499HKD a month. Access to gyms, fitness facilities and spa partners. Has mobile app.

GuavaPass: $899HKD a month. Access to gyms, fitness events and exclusive lifestyle offers.

Class Cruiser: $899HKD a month. Access to gyms and fitness studios/facilities.

Of course the variety of studios and gyms differ, so you should definitely take advantage of their first free month and see which fits your style and location best.

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10) ShowMuse

ShowMuse is an interesting app where you can learn stuff from you don't normally do at school - there're videos telling you how to socialize with people, how to cook, perform magic, and even how to French kiss properly. Have a few laughs on the app when you're bored - and also learn something new at the same time!

11) Carosell

If you want to make some room in your house, Carousell lets you sell your stuff. You'll find basically everything under the sun on the app: fashion, clothes, accessories, beauty products, furniture, art, books and luxury goods. Even #swap-it-hk has a dedicated thread on there, so keep a look out and turn your trash pre-loved items into cash!

12) BloomMe

Plans got cancelled last minute and want to good to a relaxing massage instead? No more calling around and googling, just use BloomMe to book everything for as close as the next 30 minutes from hair, to nails and massage with just a few taps. (Technology, yay!) They also have frequent discounts and deals exclusively for the app users!

13) MyObservatory

MyObservatory is a weather app that provides location-specific weather service in Hong Kong. Allow the app access to your location, then it will tell you the temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind direction and speed. You can also receive notifications about typhoons and other weather warnings so you can be prepped 24/7.


14) HK Movie

From picking to buying, you can do it all on HK Movie. Look for a gig based on your location, the movie you want to watch or even the cinema you want to go to. You can also watch trailers, read synopsis and reviews all on the app. Comes in both Chinese and English too. Handy, huh?

BONUS: HKClubbing App

Love a good drink or two in the 852? HKClubbing app (available on Android too) is your one-stop shop for you to be in the know about Hong Kong's nightlife. Use their handy directory to find new and awesome restaurants and bars near you, or catch up on latest news and events around town! If you're a party animal, then don't forget to look for your face in the photos section.


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Yup, mobile technology is a beautiful thing... Now onto the app store you go!