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Swiss high end watch brand Girard-Perregaux has always had a connection with Japan. Not only did it set up a store in Yokohama back in 1861, they have also been constantly visiting Japan, with the Constant Escapement L.M release event being on this time’s agenda. However, it’s not the main aim why they are back; the main aim is to show support to the local community by offering children watch making workshops in reassurance to the impact the society has been experiencing from the 2011 tsunami incident.



Encouraging the younger generation to be exposed to the art of watch making; young watch makers from the brand has already visited New York, Paris, Beijing, Miami, Switzerland Sydney and Shanghai to showcase the new watches and their craftsmanship. The group of young watch makers have been especially arranged to visit Watari in Miyagi City; the most damaged city from the tsunami, and to share their craft with children for them to experience the fun in watch making. Working with local craft company WATALIS as well as having released a Tohoku Manufacture Aid Project during March this year; all the sponsoring that Girard-Perregaux has been doing for Japan is recorded at www.tohoku-manufacture.jp . Find out more about their ongoing program in the previous link.



Written by Joyce Tsang