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Apart from the instax cameras which instantly makes real the image you have just snapped on film; FUJIFILM is also launching the FUJIFILM instax SHARE SP-1 which delivers the photos from your smartphone by connecting to it via wireless.


Since everyone takes photos on their smartphones now a days but fail to have them tangible; Fujifilm’s SHARE SP-1 makes life easier by instax printing it on the device so you don’t have to go and get it developed at a store anymore. Operated by a simple on- the- spot system; just send your photo over and you can even edit the images with enlargement or reduction and filters like black and white or sepia.


Apart from that, you can also choose to print your photos with different templates such as the Square Template, the Real Time Template, the Limited Edition Template and the SNS Template. Whilst the first square template explains itself already, the Real Time template mean the photo will be tagged with records of the date, time, place, weather, temperature and humidity of when the photo is taken, making it a one and only print record in the world; perfect for traveling individuals who want to keep a photographic journal of their journey.

As for the limited edition template; each print will be marked with a serial number making it seem like a limited print, perfect for parties and events where lots of group photos are taken. SNS Template, stands for Social Networking Service; where 2 sites with the user’s profile photo and number of likes for the photo will be printed on the template.

For the whole send and print process to happen in just about 16 seconds; you can also easily print the same photos again by clicking the “Reprint” button on the device so “taking, preserving, decorating and giving” photos have never been so easy before.

For more information, click here: http://www.fujifilm.com.hk/index.html


Written by Joyce Tsang

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