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The new SUGAR phone design adorned with 129 Swarovski gemstones takes the common definition of a smart phone and changes it into defining a new trend of smart accessory for fashionable women as a representation of elegance and confidence.



Launching in Hong Kong and Macau; the studded smartphone by this French brand is titled “SUGAR Made with SWAROVSKI PURE BRILLIANCE”, which not only aces in its collaboration with SWAROVSKI GEMS™ for a total of 5.16 carats being embedded on the phone but also its delivery of a customized design which transforms the appearance of the traditional device.

Carefully crafted, with a look that was inspired from the theme of “the mirror of the sky”; the new phone is a new classic and definitely a perfect gift for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. With 32GB internal storage, quad-core 1.5GHz CPU, 13 mega-pixel Sony stackable back camera, an 8 mega-pixel Sony F2.0 illumination front camera, a sapphire lens cap and automatic face beautification capability; the phone’s outer and inner quality is ensured.

At a recommended retail price of HKD $4,880 with a set of SWAROVSKI PURE BRILLIANCE perfume-shape earrings and necklace coming along with the phone during promotional period; get your hands on the Blanc White and Paris Pink model at  authorized retailers in Hong Kong and Macau available now.

Visit www.sugarphone.com for more information.


Written by Joyce Tsang


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