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There’s officially less than three months left until the end of the year—how did 2016 fly by so fast? If you think back to your New Year’s Resolutions, how many of them have you actually achieved? Fear not: We’ve rounded up five essential apps for you that will help you slay your personal goals and free up time for you before the end of the year. Find out under the cut.

1) Lazy

Does your flat look like a landfill? Enter Lazy, the solution for those of you out there who are allergic to housework. On the app, you can choose from home, office or extra-thorough spring cleaning services for your chosen hourly duration and schedule, with prices starting from about $105HKD an hour. It’s not just wiping down and tidying either: other services include cooking, grocery shopping, ironing, and tending to kids or pets.

2) Goxip

Ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram and coveting the cutest outfit worn by some blogger, but you have no clue where to shop for the same threads? Goxip uses similar technology to Google image search to find the objects of your desire, and links back to popular online shopping platforms for you to buy them—just drop in a screenshot or take a live photo to start searching.

3) Washie

Who really likes doing laundry? Get easy, hotel-quality washing service by downloading laundry app Washie. It’ll pick up your dirty clothes and return them clean, dried and folded. They concurrently work with Shangri-La, W Hotel and Marriott hotel brands, so you know their standards are legit. The price for “all you can wash” (however much you can fill in a Washie bag) start at $99HKD. Washie also provides dry cleaning service and cleaning for shoes, handbags

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4) 7 (Seven)

(No, not that Brad Pitt crime/thriller). We’ve all heard of the famous “7-minute Workout”—it’s scientifically supposed to be all you need to maintain a reasonable level of fitness. If you’ve been slaving away with work all year and still struggling to fit in time for some exercise, maybe it’s time to start: And with just 7 minutes a day, it’s for sure an achievable feat. This app guides you through each movement (you can even select the trainer’s voice—mine is a zen kung fu master), you can add circuits, and unlock new workouts as you work out for consecutive months, towards the ultimate 7-month challenge goal. Fitness, sorted.

 Also created by the same developer: Cycles—a menstrual cycle tracker designed for couples.

5) Carousell

How many of you have gone through shopping binges only to leave the tags on unworn and forgotten ‘necessities’? Hurry up and cull your closet and apartment, Marie Kondo-style, and you can use handy Carousell to sell all your pristine but unwanted or pre-loved items. That's all items, so not just clothes and shoes, but books, tech, DVDs and more are also accepted (and available) on the Carousell marketplace.

6) Fave

It's not yet payday and you've got too much month at the end of your money? Newly launched app Fave, by the makers of fitness app KFIT, might be able to help: They've put together some of the best discounts in town for food, spa and fitness. It's got up to 70% off on places such as as ice cream shop Petite House, Caliburger, Calimex and more.

Written by Evelyn Lok