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New Jelly 5.1A Charger by thecoopidea

As our tech goodies multiplies by the day, our iPads, iPhones, Androids, laptops all scream for help when we’ve used up their battery before their work is done. You can all imagine how much of a hassle it would be to carry separate chargers for each, and how much of a pain it is when you can only charge one item because the amount socket spaces are limited outdoors. Not to mention, wires and chargers always messes up the desk no matter how neat you are; they just get tangled and goes all over the place.

The Launch of Summer Spectacular by Hong Kong Tourism Board


In support by Hong Kong Tourism Board and Visa, the Summer Spectacular program comes back again for its 4th year. Not only recruited contestants from the South East Asia regions are invited to come for a brand new Treasure Hunt format contest; everyone in Hong Kong including tourists and locals get to enjoy the summer with Summer Spectacular’s promotional deals and programs throughout the 21st of July to the 31st of August.

Present choice for Father’s Day by Candies® Slim Cut iPhone 5 Collection

Embossed, simple and clean; the new Slim Cut iPhone 5 Collection by Candies abandon its usual loud and extravagant design in exchange for something more minimal and crowd accepting. Practical, but still detailed and unique, the new collection includes design such as rhombi, electronic caterpillar tracks, steel floor plate and circuit boards.

Kate Spade Summer tech Accessories

Vintage poppy looking designs not only appear on their hand bags and clutches, but also bombard their new tech accessories line including iPhone 5cases, iPad and iPad mini cases.  Whether it be polka dots, stripes, graphics of eyes and flowers and tickets; every single one is unique in its own way and covers the different cases perfectly.

50 Years of the Mini Car Show at Regal Airport Hotel

Looking for something other than just shopping and eating with your family on a relaxing Sunday? Sometimes it gets hard to find activities that won’t bore the adults but can also keep the kids entertained; but Regal Airport Hotel has just the plan.

Beats Electronics Beats Pill Portable Wireless Speaker

After the phenomenon of owning a pair of Beats Headphone, its obvious Dr. Dre won’t let the heat drop as he releases the all new Beats Pill Portable Wireless Speaker. With Nicki MInaj being appointed as the limited edition Pink Pill’s icon, the speakers are unstoppable. Alongside with Dr. Dre, Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine brings these Beats Audio new goodies to Hong Kong and across Asia- Pacific, ready for sale in retailers including Broadway, HMV, Suning and Hong Kong International Airport.

The Alacria from Carl F. Bucherer in Hong Kong


Diamonds and gold, stainless steel and alligator straps; using the top quality materials to showcase the value of time and your love for your mother. The Alacria by Carl F. Bucherer might just be the perfect gift for her.

Galtiscopio Watch Collection - Darmi Un Abbraccio

Originating from the romantic arts of France, Galtiscopio has always been incorporating design ideas from the fantasy world, transpiring watch wear into a concept for imagination. The new collection “Darmi Un Abbraccio” gives viewers and wearers a heartwarming bond around the wrist, featuring characters of bunnies and teddy bears made from Swarovski crystals.

OMEGA’s new 3D animated film

Imagine getting on the magic school bus, shrinking into the size of dust and entering a Co- Axial calibrated Omega watch. That’s pretty much what Omega’s new 3D animated film is trying to show for their new global advertising campaign. The fantasy looking visions created makes it seem fictional, but the mechanisms shown are exactly those that make your watch tick.

Quarkie headphones Review - the headphone with an eye!

We were in a grocery store line when the woman started looking at me strangely.

"What did you put in your…ears?" she asked in a soft accent. It turned out that she was from South Africa, but that was besides the point. She had a kind of possessed, bemused look…the kind that says "You're cute…but YOU'RE A FREAK."

Shanghai Tang's Must-Have 'City Chic' Smartphone App

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy Shanghai Tang’s latest collection from their free bilingual ‘City Chic’ app where you can view their latest collection, watch video footage of Shanghai Tang runway shows, and redeem discount coupons on selected products. On top of that, the app also suggests great places to party, eat, drink and shop in Shanghai.

Links Of London Decode Watch Collection in Hong Kong

Links of London introduces the new Decode watch collection featuring playful graphics and oversized dials, emphasizing Links of London’s strength of designing watches as jewelry. Numbers are engraved onto the bezel, creating a maze of digits in a striking pattern and the straps come in stainless steel, matte black and red leather straps.