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Valentine’s Day Candy and Year of the Horse Edition from Swatch

Swatch always surprises us with innovatively designed watches and bold graphics; which is exactly what they did again for 2014’s Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day special edition collection. The candy cane like SWEET VALENTINE (SUOZ168) and modernized calligraphy print Year of the Horse model is aesthetically pleasing and very eye catching from its simple use of palette and strong print.

Get Christmas Wrapped up with Native Union

Founded in 2009 to cater to the era of increasing digital consumers; Native Union is known for their simple but quality tech goodies, always consistent with current technology products and promise users with the best product experience.

Alexander Wang x Beats by Dr. Dre have launched

The newest collaborative project set to be released during mid-December includes not only the classic New Beats Studio headphone by Dr. Dre, but also the Beats Pill Portable Wireless Speaker and urBeats Earbuds in hands with the slick design by Alexander Wang.


I-MEGO’s Throne Headphones

As music playing devices change rapidly through different models and forms in time spans of only months; people change through and consume new tech goodies in an instant flash. It’s the same with headphones; but certain models gets lifelong attached to true listeners by delivering individual’s specific preferences in sound and comfort. Headphones can’t be too big, it has to give a good ring to the ears, and it should most definitely be gentle to the skin; not to mention for it to look hip and trendy to match one’s daily outlook.

Japanese Camera brand Artisan & Artist’s new Camera Case Collection

Everyone can be a photographer is a bit of a farfetched statement, but everyone can own the gears a professional photographer demand is a fact in the current era.  Girls, boys, elderly people, anybody can enjoy the excitement photography brings; and with a quality brand like Artisan & Artist, bringing your camera out for a casual shoot can be so easy and stylish at the same time.

Girard-Perregaux Watch Making Workshops at Japan

Swiss high end watch brand Girard-Perregaux has always had a connection with Japan. Not only did it set up a store in Yokohama back in 1861, they have also been constantly visiting Japan, with the Constant Escapement L.M release event being on this time’s agenda. However, it’s not the main aim why they are back; the main aim is to show support to the local community by offering children watch making workshops in reassurance to the impact the society has been experiencing from the 2011 tsunami incident.

iPhone App for Hong Kong and China Taxi Lingo Guides

Just hop on a taxi and you’ll be fine is only true when you know exactly where you’re going and the taxi driver speaks the same language. I’ve been through countless miscommunications about directions and ending up in arguments with local taxi driver even though I speak the same language; so imagine if you’re from somewhere else half way around the world travelling to Asia and am all stressed out before your trip has even started?


Experience Spotify Connect at Home

No point going for pirated versions of music or spending hours trying to find a free download of a particular track; because by simply downloading Spotify, songs from the world are within your palms in seconds. Expanding to not only providing users with music on their mobile phones or laptops; Spotify proudly presents Spotify Connect, a new system that connects all your sound systems at home  so you can listen and choose from the thousand of tracks you like by a simple click of the button in any corners of the house.

All new Fujifilm Instax mini 90

Throwing out a completely different campaign than last year this time round, Fujifilm is going vintage instead of youthful with their newest Instax mini 90 Neo Classic. With a completely different look and vibe, expect a new trend to rise from their Instax mini 90 this year.

The Beauty search app SCAPP

Released by the popular women’s website she.com, the new beauty app SCAPP shows you exactly what the sales person at the beauty stall is trying to sale you with a simple scan on your phone.  Like a mobile hand held beauty product encyclopedia, just punch in the information you have on the product.

Exclusive HK Consumer event for Beats by Dr Dre




On the third floor of Entertainment Building is the survived HMV packed with people ready to meet their legendary idols, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar. With a lot of them visibly carrying a set of those Beats headphones; it is obvious they not only show love for the music but also for the product.Snapbacks and kicks with those colourful headphones, these young hip souls were all chattering away about their excitement in finally meeting the rap stars of their life.

ROMANGO’s new Superléger Fashion Code Watch Series

When everyone’s on a touch phone, with tech goodies in their pockets everyday; there’s really no need to wear a watch to tell the time no more. I mean, you can go far as learning about the weather in Birmingham right this instance by just clicking a button. So what are watches for?

Powerbeats in- ear Headphone Limited- Edition by Dr. Dre

My earphones always drop out from my ears because I have a handful of piercings all over the ear. The normal ear buds hurt, and the ones that goes inside always falls out. Not to mention I just twist my headphones and shove it in my bag, ending up with half a dozen of them broken. I would never have though someone like LeBron James also have earphone problems, as his always breaks during workouts.