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Alexander Wang x Beats by Dr. Dre

The newest collaborative project set to be released during mid-December includes not only the classic New Beats Studio headphone by Dr. Dre, but also the Beats Pill Portable Wireless Speaker and urBeats Earbuds in hands with the slick design by Alexander Wang.

I-MEGO’s Throne Headphones

As music playing devices change rapidly through different models and forms in time spans of only months; people change through and consume new tech goodies in an instant flash. It’s the same with headphones; but certain models gets lifelong attached to true listeners by delivering individual’s specific preferences in sound and comfort. Headphones can’t be too big, it has to give a good ring to the ears, and it should most definitely be gentle to the skin; not to mention for it to look hip and trendy to match one’s daily outlook.

Girard-Perregaux Watch Making Workshops at Japan

Swiss high end watch brand Girard-Perregaux has always had a connection with Japan. Not only did it set up a store in Yokohama back in 1861, they have also been constantly visiting Japan, with the Constant Escapement L.M release event being on this time’s agenda. However, it’s not the main aim why they are back; the main aim is to show support to the local community by offering children watch making workshops in reassurance to the impact the society has been experiencing from the 2011 tsunami incident.

All new Fujifilm Instax mini 90

Throwing out a completely different campaign than last year this time round, Fujifilm is going vintage instead of youthful with their newest Instax mini 90 Neo Classic. With a completely different look and vibe, expect a new trend to rise from their Instax mini 90 this year.


The Beauty search app SCAPP

Released by the popular women’s website she.com, the new beauty app SCAPP shows you exactly what the sales person at the beauty stall is trying to sale you with a simple scan on your phone.  Like a mobile hand held beauty product encyclopedia, just punch in the information you have on the product.


Powerbeats in- ear Headphone Limited- Edition by Dr. Dre

My earphones always drop out from my ears because I have a handful of piercings all over the ear. The normal ear buds hurt, and the ones that goes inside always falls out. Not to mention I just twist my headphones and shove it in my bag, ending up with half a dozen of them broken. I would never have though someone like LeBron James also have earphone problems, as his always breaks during workouts.


New Jelly 5.1A Charger by thecoopidea

As our tech goodies multiplies by the day, our iPads, iPhones, Androids, laptops all scream for help when we’ve used up their battery before their work is done. You can all imagine how much of a hassle it would be to carry separate chargers for each, and how much of a pain it is when you can only charge one item because the amount socket spaces are limited outdoors. Not to mention, wires and chargers always messes up the desk no matter how neat you are; they just get tangled and goes all over the place.

Present choice for Father’s Day by Candies® Slim Cut iPhone 5 Collection

Embossed, simple and clean; the new Slim Cut iPhone 5 Collection by Candies abandon its usual loud and extravagant design in exchange for something more minimal and crowd accepting. Practical, but still detailed and unique, the new collection includes design such as rhombi, electronic caterpillar tracks, steel floor plate and circuit boards.

Kate Spade Summer tech Accessories

Vintage poppy looking designs not only appear on their hand bags and clutches, but also bombard their new tech accessories line including iPhone 5cases, iPad and iPad mini cases.  Whether it be polka dots, stripes, graphics of eyes and flowers and tickets; every single one is unique in its own way and covers the different cases perfectly.

Beats Electronics Beats Pill Portable Wireless Speaker

After the phenomenon of owning a pair of Beats Headphone, its obvious Dr. Dre won’t let the heat drop as he releases the all new Beats Pill Portable Wireless Speaker. With Nicki MInaj being appointed as the limited edition Pink Pill’s icon, the speakers are unstoppable. Alongside with Dr. Dre, Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine brings these Beats Audio new goodies to Hong Kong and across Asia- Pacific, ready for sale in retailers including Broadway, HMV, Suning and Hong Kong International Airport.