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6 Apps to Help You Get Your Life Together Before the End of the Year

There’s officially less than three months left until the end of the year—how did 2016 fly by so fast? If you think back to your New Year’s Resolutions, how many of them have you actually achieved? Fear not: We’ve rounded up five essential apps for you that will help you slay your personal goals and free up time for you before the end of the year. Find out under the cut.

Say Cheese: 4 Fuss-Free Teeth Whitening Spots in Hong Kong

"The most beautiful curve on a woman's body is her smile." once said Bob Marley. But this isn't just the case for ladies, a killer smile could score you great things in life, sometimes even a lifelong relationship. If those over-the-counter whitening toothpaste just aren't doing it for ya, we’ve rounded up a list of places you can drop by for a quick and painless makeover.

14 Apps You Can't Live Without in Hong Kong

There are reasons why we can't live without our phones nowadays, and one of them is those handy lil' apps. You now can rely on them to do almost everything - from booking a restaurant, buying movie tickets, booking your next flight, to looking for that special someone - anything is possible. We've handpicked some of the apps we can't live without, and soon you won't be able to either!

Work it out with Class Cruiser

Getting fit seems to be the theme of 2015, and there has been a lot of new ways to experience the fitness scene in Hong Kong. One of them is Class Cruiser – a service that lets you try the myriad of gyms and fitness studios in the city for just one small monthly fee. No more 24-month contracts or being pestered by personal trainers, maybe this is the way to go? We’ve tried it out and here are the results.

Best 6 Dating Apps in Hong Kong

It's not the first thing we'd admit, but meeting people of the dating nature is rather hard in this tiny city. But hey, there are plenty of apps to help get us there! Rather than believing the horror stories, why not give it a go? Even if you don't find the one, you can still make some fantastic new friends. So get your best photos ready, because here's the low-down on the online dating game.

SpotHelp: A magic number that gets you anything you want

Our prayers have been answered! Whether you are too busy to plan for your boyfriend’s birthday party next week or make time to do your own things like laundry, or even buying that cake you are too lazy to queue for, life is just easier when someone else can do the job for you. Well, what if there's a magic number you can whatsapp to help you run any errands you don't have time for? This is SpotHelp.

Misfit and Speedo Join Hands to launch Speedo Shine

 Fitness junkies will know that now there are plenty of options when it comes to tracking your workout stats and general wellness digitally. Among Fitbit, Apple Watch and several other wearable monitors, not many (or any) were made for the people who loves a few laps in the pool rather than miles in the sun. That's why we were excited to learn about Misfit X Speedo's Speedo Shine, designed exclusively for swimmers! Read on and see what just what it's all about.

Wcity Giveaway: A Free Spacebox for 6 Months

We know it doesn’t feel like it, but fall is going to be upon us soon and dealing with vacuum bags, boxes, even a charted map in our tiny apartments makes it the last thing we want to do after a long week at the office. But luckily, Hong Kong has plenty of smart storage solutions like Spacebox, which will help you declutter in a jiffy. Read on to learn more & WIN 6 months of FREE storage!

Ultimate Mother's Day 2015 Guide: Dining, Treats & Gifts

It’s almost the time to show that special lady in your life how much you love her... Bring her to a nice restaurant for some quality time, get her a gift, or go for a spa treatment (for the both of you, wink wink.) Luckily we've done your homework for you, so here's our ultimate guide to Mother’s Day 2015!

Get Sorted: Smart Storage Solutions in Hong Kong

With space being so precious here in Hong Kong – you can never have enough of room for all your belongings (not to mention that bike, or skateboard, or any other equipments that are required for that exclusive habit of yours – unnecessary things that you’ve bought a few years back but only used twice). Let’s face it: We have mastered the art of shopping, but organizing? Not so much. If you have no idea how to make room for your stuffs, why not simply put everything in boxes and have someone keep them for you – the perfect solutions for girls like us!

A Guide to the Best iPhone 6 Cases to buy

Women can never have enough shoes... or iPhone cases. Whether you are the play safe type, the stylish one, the minimalist or the OTT fan, we have got you covered! We understand that the hunt for the perfect iPhone case is like hunting for a new LBD, but there's no the one when it comes to accessorizing. That is why we have rounded up some pretty (and) awesome cases to save you some leg work!

Christmas Gifts Guide 2014: For Her in Hong Kong

It is the most wonderful time of the year... Or at least till you are done with all your Christmas shopping! Christmas is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to shower your love ones with love in the form of presents. Even if a girl's wish list can go on forever and ever, it still might be hard to narrow down exactly what to get her. If you still have no idea of what to buy – we’ve got you covered! Read on and check out our handpicked Christmas gift ideas from beauty to bouquets – they are practical, festive, gorgeous and most of all look amazing! Shopping bags at the ready everyone...

Top Taxi Apps to use in Hong Kong

Imagine after a night out in Lan Kwai Fong, or just coming out of the stadium after the Hong Kong 7s... You're tired, maybe even a little bit drunk, so it'll be the best thing on earth if you could just hop on a taxi and head on home. But the only thing in between you and your bed is a seemingly never ending taxi queue... Apart from admitting defeat and trotting to the MTR station, here are 5 transportation apps that can save the day!

Rado DiaMaster RHW1 Limited Edition

Rado stands not only for the telling of time, constant quality and luxury; but also a name that has been pushing boundaries and innovatively executing designs that causes a real change in the world. Their latest release, Rado DiaMaster RHW1 Limited Edition, fits perfectly into such statement, representing not only for the brand but also a new pleasure in appreciating the movement of a high-tech ceramic watch.