The fall season is upon us - and with it, the best sales of the year. Storekeepers are already hard at work before 10.10, 11.11, and Black Friday, preparing the most flashy and glamorous window displays in order to visually attract even the most sceptical customers.

While in-person shopping might be a nice idea for a fun day in the company of friends or family - searching together for the highest discounts on clothes and gifts - more and more people are finding it tiresome and ineffective. Of course, it is undeniable that when looking for the perfect bargain, we like to feel the thing’s texture and check its physical state. An increasing number of customers, however, prefer to carefully analyze the features and varying prices of a given product from the comfort of their own home than to frantically walk around malls and push their way through hundreds of people in order to find the right stall.

Some of us choose to avoid sale season madness by buying our Christmas gifts, travel tickets or supplies early - say, in August or September. This might mean, though, that we miss the best bargains and, as a consequence, we overpay. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid wasting money and time in huge lines in our local stores - online shopping. While ordering and paying for products at a distance might seem insecure, it is crucial to realize that the most trustworthy brands, e.g. LEGO or Canon, now host websites that offer a wide range of products, sometimes available exclusively online. As it turns out, in China, the most populous market in the world, customer confidence in online shopping had progressed from 29% in 2015 to 59% in 2017. Hence, buying on the Internet is believed to be increasingly safer.


Another reason why offline shoppers are at a disadvantage is that some stores exist solely online. Besides, more and more local businesses provide discount websites with special promo codes that are only applicable on the stores’ Web pages. Take promos to iHerb, Trip.com, or Zalora available on Picodi as an example. Therefore, offline buyers miss out not only on products and offers available nowhere else but also on bargains that no in-person business will grant them.

This sale season, let us all sit down and reflect on our budgets, shopping habits, and time availability. Is it not sensible to consider buying online - avoiding stress and saving time and money? If your answer is yes, then maybe you should start looking for those discount codes.