Foodpanda Hong Kong has now launched pandamart. What is the difference with their current food delivery service? Well this is a quick commerce service where the company has its own urban warehouses that can provide delivery of certain items as fast as 15 mins, 24/7. Obviously this service has come about with the rising demand of ordering online in the city.

The platform boasts over 4,000 items including general groceries to household items, you can even get a nice beer or two! They currently have so promotions for this month to obviously attract new members and to offer something back to those that have already signed up.

Pandamart launch promotions for June:
•        Free delivery
•        20% off first order at pandamart with EXPRESS20 code
•        Spend HK$100 to enjoy $30 off with FLASH30 code
(Cannot be used in conjunction with "EXPRESS20" promotional offer)
•        10% off selected brands (i.e. Tao Ti, Redbull)
•        10% off selected beer (i.e. Carlsberg, Kronenbourg 1664)

To find out more about Foodpanda Hong Kong and pandamart CLICK HERE.

Also visit: www.foodpanda.hk

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