Everyone can be a photographer is a bit of a farfetched statement, but everyone can own the gears a professional photographer demand is a fact in the current era.  Girls, boys, elderly people, anybody can enjoy the excitement photography brings; and with a quality brand like Artisan & Artist, bringing your camera out for a casual shoot can be so easy and stylish at the same time.



Not only for girls, anybody would like for their camera to look personalized and be protected when used outdoor; thus Japanese brand Artisan & Artist has produced a series of protective covers for your Leica M cameras.

Made with leather, the brown and black LMB-M are all new for this season, made especially for the Leica M model to express a feeling of classiness. Made by hand, the cases’ exquisite quality is doubtlessly ensured.

Functional and convenient, the ICAM camera bag has a big zipper opening to the main compartment for users to open and take their gears out easily when the bag is worn across the shoulders. This model has also won as champion at Digital Camera Grand-Pix 2013. Offered with a wide range of colors, there is also the smaller version ICAM-210H to fit user’s particular needs.

With the RR series, this classic breaking cross body bag is tailored with a curved silhouette to fit the back perfectly. Easy to adjust, the bag is facilitated with one single band for wearing, titled the Easy Slider deliberate to its function. Made from nylon and leather, the casual bag can also be worn to formal occasions with its stylistic use of material. Last but not least, the CCAM series made with nylon and leather details is also a big highlight from the brand. Light and easy to carry, the interiors are covered with linen for style and durability. Perfect for those travelling around, the bag also has specific slots made for the camera and for the laptop.

Find out more about the brand here http://www.artisan-n-artist.com/news.php


Written by Joyce Tsang