Just hop on a taxi and you’ll be fine is only true when you know exactly where you’re going and the taxi driver speaks the same language. I’ve been through countless miscommunications about directions and ending up in arguments with local taxi driver even though I speak the same language; so imagine if you’re from somewhere else half way around the world travelling to Asia and am all stressed out before your trip has even started?



Remember those handy guides that fit perfectly well in your pocket, giving you translations of addresses and phrases with taxi hiring numbers and emergency telephone numbers? Well those were started by Kimberly Fayet Whiley 10 years ago when the first Taxi Lingo Guides were published. From then on, they have been personalized by hotels and conventions for their own marketing usage, benefitting travellers from all over the world when they visit Hong Kong and China. Now, this essential has been transformed into a digital app ready for purchase on the iTunes store. Easily tap between components such as shopping tips, maps and guides, and bridge free information with an easy swipe by the finger. No more worries when you travel through Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou anymore even if it’s your first time!

Visit www.taxilingo.com for more information.


Written by Joyce Tsang

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