It's almost Valentines day, which means it's time to get your cards and flowers on. But forget about those Hallmark classics, because who wants to see another variation of a cute cartoon cupid? We've scoured the earth (*a part of it) to find you some kick-ass, hilarious and definitely-not-boring greeting cards, so you can give not just any normal present, but show off your sense of humour too.  To the round-up list!


1) Typo

We LOVE typo for their adorable stationary and home decor accessories. But did you know they also have some seriously awesome greeting cards? They're cheap too, so they're our number one go-to for a one-stop present shop.

36 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 2367 2190

2) Ms. Betty's Original

Apart from some kick-ass soy candles, this Etsy shop also does some sassy greeting cards that'll sure to please the inner bad b*tch in you who loves a good swear word or two for emphasis.

3) MadzDesign (Shop Madz)

Another pick from the Etsy goldmine, MadzDesign's cards are full of emojis and other exciting pop culture references that will be sure to please the Z generation. *insert sunglasses emoji*

4) DirtyLola

Alright, last Etsy pick we promise. This one's for the inner dirty girl. Their cards are not only gorgeously illustrated with a ton of calligraphy, but the phrases are actually hilarious. If you're a cat lady, (no shame!), this is one you have to bookmark.

5) The Lion Rock Press

This one is not so much funny as it is totally adorable. The Lion Rock Press is a local company that does some seriously awesome cards that turn Hong Kong classic objects into cute cartoons. Which means their cards are perfect for you to show off your love for your friends as well as your city.

Sold at various Bookazine outlets

There you go. Now you have no more excuse for awfully cliche and boring cards.