Pineapples, Flamingos. Watermelons or Donuts? Here’s the guide for you to get the most instragrammable floats in Hong Kong.

1.    Toys "R" Us
When you think of toys, Toysrus is always the first place pops up in your mind. Undoubtedly, they have the largest varieties of toys and awesome goods for pool. Includes some inflatable pools, from baby pools to jungle for your kids.
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2.    Dudes
They know how to throw a party and have fun under the sun. They got you the perfect fit for floats for your drinks, to lie all day on the sea.  They sell pumps online too, so no worries on there are no huffing and puffing.
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3.    Poolfloat
Starting from HKD $10 to HKD $3000, they have a large varieties of floats for you to choose. And they deliver by SF express.
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They do ship to Hong Kong! And they have more trendy and unique floats, such as Unicorns, Seashells and much more. Plus, they provide you storage bags so you won’t get too clumsy to carry them around.
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5. Sham Shui Po (Fuk Wa Street and Fuk Wing Street)
When summer is approaching, there are many decent priced floats in Sham Shui Po (Fuk Wa Street and Fuk Wing Street), where the choices are very abundant and the prices are low and reasonable. This would be our best recommendation if you want to browse and look at them in person. If you buy a few you can even get a discount.


Other online options.

We have used these before when looking for something unique that you can't usually find in Hong Kong.

6. Amazon
7. Ebay
8. Taobao
9. Alibaba