10 Unexpected Ways to Throw a Party in Hong Kong

Dinner parties are great, but aren't there better ways to celebrate other than spending a ton on expensive food and drinks? Whether you're planning your next bash or a surprise for your friends, we've rounded up some of the most unusual and fun ways to have a party in Hong Kong that'll guarantee to make you the party planner of the year.

5 Unique Things to Do This Father's Day in Hong Kong

With as many as half of Hong Kong fathers spending less than 30 minutes a day with their children, your time with the man has to be quality over quantity. So forget about the usual dinners and drinks, here are five unique things to do this Father’s Day to really make him feel special!

Top 4 Nail Salons for All Budgets in Hong Kong

It's impossible to go a couple of days in Hong Kong without shaking hands with someone; business happens at the speed of sound and in a city of six million, you're always meeting somebody new. A good manicure and some conversation-starting nail art always makes a good impression, plus there's just something so indulgent about getting your tips and toes done. Here are the best places around the +852 to get your own wearable masterpieces and nail that inevitable Instagram picture, no matter your budget.

Top 3 Semi-Permanent Makeup You Should Try

Who doesn’t want to wake up picture perfect and ready for the day? For starters, you can sleep in for at least 15 more minutes if you can skip the whole makeup routine. Well, #IWokeUpLikeThis doesn’t have to just be a queen Bey song, now you can have it all with semi-permanent makeup too. Read on for our writer Elky’s top picks!

Top 6 Tattoo Parlors in Hong Kong to Get Inked

Tattoos are no longer just for triad members, and the tattoo culture in Hong Kong has a come a long way. Whatever styled tats you're planning on getting next, make sure you find the right artist to take care of you and your skin. Have no clue where to start? Here are a few of Hong Kong's most reputable tattoo studios.

5 Best Places to Get Your Stationery in Hong Kong

If you're looking to upgrade your dowdy old planner, there's options galore in Hong Kong to snag something that will really make a statement. Whether you're looking for something subtle and minimal or going all out with a rainbow rack of pens, there's something for every budget here in this city. A good notebook's always a reason to start penning that novel...

Top 8 Stylish Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong worth a stay

Whether you’re visiting Hong Kong or looking for a weekend staycation, there are plenty of options besides the traditional five-star hotels. Defined by their sometimes smaller rooms and less decadent facilities, these boutique hotels make up for it by having gorgeous interiors and artistic designs. Take a look at our top 8!

Giveaway: BloomMe presents Girls Night Out

Pampering can get a bit expensive in this city, and all the hassle with booking and google-mapping obscure buildings just to score a deal sometimes makes us question the whole process. But now there's a chance to get a makeover for free with a drink in hand! Thanks to BloomMe, you're invited to a Girls Night Out. Enter for tickets below!


3 Things to Do With Your Used and Opened Lai See/ Red Packets

Chinese New Year is almost coming to an end, and we’re finally able to open our red packets! (Can I get a woop woop!) But what are you going to do with all the leftover wrappings of the money? We’ve got three sure-fire ways to use them so you won’t contribute to global warming.

14 Apps You Can't Live Without in Hong Kong

There are reasons why we can't live without our phones nowadays, and one of them is those handy lil' apps. You now can rely on them to do almost everything - from booking a restaurant, buying movie tickets, booking your next flight, to looking for that special someone - anything is possible. We've handpicked some of the apps we can't live without, and soon you won't be able to either!

Places to Get Badass Greeting Cards in Hong Kong

It's almost Valentines day, which means it's time to get your cards and flowers on. But forget about those Hallmark classics, because who wants to see another variation of a cute cartoon cupid? We've scoured the earth (*a part of it) to find you some kick-ass, hilarious and definitely-not-boring greeting cards, so you can give not just any normal present, but show off your sense of humour too.  To the round-up list!