This Californian fitness app is about to make exercising in town so much more fun. Jaha is not another hook up app you’ve seen, it’s about fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and motivation. You can look for competitors or companies nearby or find some new workout buddies – all through an app with a Tinder-style swipe interface. Read on and see how it works!

Finding a workout buddy has never been so easy! Just download the app and start with creating your Jaha profile including a bio, pictures, and interests. Then you can track your own daily sports activities and connect with people in the same neighbourhoods via a Tinder-style swipe interface within the “Explore” feature, where you can create challenges for friendly competitions, or just simply share some workout tips with people around you.

Jaha also provides wide range of fitness resources, including monitoring step counts, distance tracking, and progress viewing via your stats page. By competing with your gym buddies through the app, you can also set challenge parameters to see who reaches the goal first and message each other “to talk smack” on the Smack Board... But try to keep it nice guys.

Jaha has just annouced a partnership with SOUL, and that means the app will soon be able to talk with other fitness accessories like Fitbit and Jawbone, allowing millions of wareables users to enjoy all Jaha’s features.

Jaha for iOS is available for free on the App Store or at www.AppStore.com.  The Android version of the app will be launching next year.