We have been a loyal customer of The Entertainer since its first launch as a book in Hong Kong. Now it is a lot easier with their app and every year it offers more and better deals around Hong Kong.

For a one time annual fee (which can get back in savings after just a couple of times you use the app) you have access to a wide variety of deals from ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offers now available at a great early bird price of just HKD288 (RRP HKD583).

Now you can try out their 'Gourmet' product that also gives you deals on upscale dining experiences. In addition to this is the 'Express' product which can be used for general discount on selected locations and offers are 25% off the total bill.

This article we have placed in our food and drink section as they are the related deals that we use the most, but actually The Entertainer offers deals from all kinds of businesses including spas.

Now with these deal options and all the new benefits the app has, it really is a must have for everyone in Hong Kong looking for a great deal. Either buy it for yourself or for someone that you think would enjoy it!

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