A Sneak Peek at Kaum, Potato Head Hong Kong review

Is it me or have 2016’s new openings felt a bit… well, flat? But thankfully, just in time to add some much-needed fizz to Hong Kong’s dining scene, arrives Potato Head Hong Kong – the +852 outpost of Bali’s much-loved Potato Head Beach Club.

Top 4 Nail Salons for All Budgets in Hong Kong

It's impossible to go a couple of days in Hong Kong without shaking hands with someone; business happens at the speed of sound and in a city of six million, you're always meeting somebody new. A good manicure and some conversation-starting nail art always makes a good impression, plus there's just something so indulgent about getting your tips and toes done. Here are the best places around the +852 to get your own wearable masterpieces and nail that inevitable Instagram picture, no matter your budget.

Top 3 Semi-Permanent Makeup You Should Try

Who doesn’t want to wake up picture perfect and ready for the day? For starters, you can sleep in for at least 15 more minutes if you can skip the whole makeup routine. Well, #IWokeUpLikeThis doesn’t have to just be a queen Bey song, now you can have it all with semi-permanent makeup too. Read on for our writer Elky’s top picks!

Greens Take the Spotlight at NUR review

Is there anything more gluttonous and excessive than a degustation menu? Course after course of rich, heavy-handed food in a menu that's often drizzled with words like butter, bone marrow and pork belly... So it's a strange feeling to walk out of a place like NUR and not feel like I've run out of notches on my belt (to loosen mind you), having eaten through nine courses of its tasting menu.

The New Life Cafe in Soho: Maison Libanaise review

While Hong Kong has cuisines from all over the globe, finding decent Middle-Eastern food that isn’t a kebab or doner with chips and salad can be tricky. Maison Libanaise, which has sprung up in place of the now-shuttered Life Cafe in Soho, is the 12th restaurant opening by Black Sheep Restaurants and aims to tap into the market of the often neglected Lebanese cuisine. Check out the must-eats and more below the cut.

Resto Crossover: Shiki Zen x Viet Kitchen Review

It’s not often you find restaurants of different cuisines crossing paths (we’re not talking about fusion here), which is why the following menu has gotten us VERY excited. Shiki Zen and Viet Kitchen has come together for a collaboration menu available for a month only, and we’ve got the scoop on the look and taste. Read on!

Beauty Beta: Xtreme Lashes Hong Kong

Ladies of Hong Kong should be no stranger to eyelash extensions. The art of gluing bunches or individual hairs to your lashes may seem like a scary torturing technique, but the results speak for themselves. This  trick is so loved for many reasons, and the biggest one is that you can pretty much ditch make-up for good on the daily. Check out how the latest spot in town fared.

wcity's Guide to Asian Beauty Routine on a Budget

America and Europe have jumped on the Asian beauty hype train and if you're not on board yet, Hong Kong's the best city to get started. The biggest difference between Asian and Western beauty regimens is that Asia focuses on skincare before make-up. With as many as twelve steps to an Asian skincare routine, the products can stack up and mean hell for your wallet - so here's a beginner's guide to budget-friendly beauty.

Fall Nails: We're Going Matte

Looking for some inspiration for your next trip to the nail salon? We're coveting matte and solid hues that are great for everyday, yet still has that little something special.

Valentine’s Day Dinner at Gaucho Hong Kong review

Hailing all the way from London, Gaucho Hong Kong is a steakhouse famed for their Argentinean beef. After opening their doors to our city for a little over a year, it’s about time we visited the place to see if it lived up to its London award-winning standards.