Elephant Grounds Brings More Than Just Coffee and Ice Cream to Star Street

With 3 locations around Hong Kong, brunch and coffee staple Elephant Grounds is most commonly known for one thing: their decadent ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream between two gooey brownie biscuits, with sauce and toppings spilling all over. But at the café's newest branch on Star Street, we’re not just talking sweets anymore: savoury has come into the game. Read on for our review.

7 Trending Street Snacks You Need to Eat at Kwai Chung Plaza

Savvy young Hongkongers might already be in the know of all the magical foodie opportunities that await at Kwai Chung Plaza, but if you have yet to explore the estate shopping mall, prepare to be schooled—here are our picks of the Instagrammable street stalls at this humble hidden gem:

9 Things You Should Definitely Order at the Ce La Vi Brunch

Boozey brunches are a dime a dozen here, but not many gives you the amazing view and Japanese food like Ce La Vi Hong Kong does. Small plates are the name of the game here, and they’ve got plenty for you to choose from. We’ve rounded up the best 9 you just can’t miss, so read on before you make your booking.

REVIEW: Anchor Seafood Restaurant and Beer

While Anchor Seafood Restaurant and Beer, located inside the Bay Bridge Hotel near Tsuen Wan, may not be challenging for Michelin stars, the same concept remains — why would someone want to commute a long distance to eat at a buffet, especially when it's nowhere near an MTR station? Well you're about to find out.


Ukrainian Food in Hong Kong at Dacha

Eastern European cuisine is somewhat of a mystery to most diners, especially in Hong Kong. While the diaspora of Eastern Europeans - whether it be from Poland, Russia, Ukraine or other nations - has spread far and wide, it seems puzzling as to why food from this region hasn’t taken off. Read up on our latest visit to Dacha - a place that might just turn the scene around in our city.

Say Cheese: 4 Fuss-Free Teeth Whitening Spots in Hong Kong

"The most beautiful curve on a woman's body is her smile." once said Bob Marley. But this isn't just the case for ladies, a killer smile could score you great things in life, sometimes even a lifelong relationship. If those over-the-counter whitening toothpaste just aren't doing it for ya, we’ve rounded up a list of places you can drop by for a quick and painless makeover.

Fish School: The Hidden Restaurant Behind Potato Head Hong Kong

I’ll admit that it wasn’t the easiest thing to get to Fish School, and when my friend and I arrived at the address, I was staring at the brand new Potato Head Hong Kong. Did I accidentally google the wrong restaurant? A second glance at my phone denied that. Luckily, we soon found the tiny Fish School sign lighting up a small and scaffolded alley, and that’s how my night began...

Weekend By The Pool: Champagne Relaxation On A Lemonade Budget

Heat and humidity got you dreaming of Bali, but your bank account (and your boss) say no can do? We hear you, and so in the spirit of research, we recently headed over to Admiralty to explore what has to be one of the best value pampering deals in town – Conrad Hong Kong’s Weekend By The Pool.


A French Lunch in Sheung Wan at Upper Modern Bistro review

Settled in a quiet street of Sheung Wan two years ago, Upper Modern Bistro belongs to the Michelin-starred Chef Philippe Orrico from the Nomads Dining Group. What’s new though, you ask. Well, their lunch menu! Here’s what went down.

The 10 Cheapest Places to Fly Off to From Hong Kong

Summer doesn't just mean junk trips, but often, lots of holiday planning and frantically googling the cheapest place to jet off to for a few days off. It's definitely peak season, so it might be hard for you to get the best deals. But fear not residents of the Fragrant Harbour, we’ve done the research and discovered flights away from the city can be a lot cheaper than once presumed. Here’s a list of the cheapest places to travel to!