Review: Flawless in High Definition: Benefit's POREfessional Collection will Keep You Camera-Ready 24/7!


It’s the age of 4K. Great news for tech fans, but for us makeup gurus? Not so much. Ultra high resolution spells a battleground for us skin-conscious soldiers. Trouble is, it’s instant death if we’re geared wrong, and I’ve witnessed disasters (I am one, time and again). If you’re looking for the right gear though, here’s my personal recommendation: Benefit’s POREfessional collection. It’s time to stand up to the HD camera. Rise and be picture POREfect in 4K!

Metallica's Hong Kong 2017 Debut Review - LOUD AND FAST RULES


AsiaWorld Arena
Hong Kong, China
January 17th, 2017

Metallica was loudica and fastica during their show at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Arena on Friday night. They were thrilling and awesome too.

Yet the first ever city appearance by the San Francisco thrash metal veterans was important on a couple of other levels as well. With over 10,000 in attendance, it showed that a large Hong Kong audience wants to see a heavy act like this (virtually unthinkable even a decade ago). It also showcased the fact that the city is now much more than just a haven for safe, veteran promotion driven cash cow performers (Air Supply, Sting, et al) who have been a mainstay of shows here. Metallica’s appearance and response is proof of a desire for the proverbial next level of concerts.

Expect the Unexpected at Bayta, Mediterranean Cuisine on Hollywood Road


As a local that's been in and out of Hong Kong, finding a taste that hasn't ever set up camp on my taste buds is a rarity. I've frequented the high end and the low, tried the tastiest of junk food as well as the finest health food in town. For a while it seems that's as big as the world gets. As it turns out, there's a quaint little restaurant at the west end of Hollywood Road that's learned me a thing.

DiVino Presents the Aromatic Black Winter Truffles

Black Truffles

If you’re heard of the popular, intensely delicious white Alba truffles, get ready for their aromatic sibling. From January 6 to March 31, Spasso, DiVino Patio, and DiVino restaurants will be offering black winter truffles, introducing customers to this delightful treat.

GaGaHoHo Korean Restaurant Review: The Taste of Home

Bulgogi in Hot Pot

There's no place like home. Yet the next closest thing is bringing the tastes of hometown to your newest destination. That's exactly what Korean housewife Kim So Seob specializes in doing.

REVIEW: Soul Food Mahanakorn Is Small But Big on Flavour

Bangkok’s neighborhood darling, Soul Food Mahanakorn, dropped by Hong Kong for an pop-up restaurant earlier this summer. It liked Hong Kong so much, it recently opened its full restaurant in the very same space on Elgin Street. Opened by Black Sheep Restaurants, the venue is the 13th in the hospitality group’s portfolio.

REVIEW: Find Efficient Relief at New Central Massage Parlour The Right Spot

Who doesn’t love a good massage? But finding the right masseur: one who can read all your body’s aches and ailments and make them vanish with just the right pressure and moves, that’s hard to come by anywhere, and places in Hong Kong mostly fall into the two extremes: hole-in-the-wall massage parlours and high end spas. What about something in the middle? This new space in Central just might put the Goldilocks search to an end.

7 Things To Do At The Best of British Festival

There’s so much food coming our way this autumn: Right after the annual Wine and Dine festival in October is the second edition of the Best of British cultural festival from 8-13 November, where you’ll be able to take part in a slew of food, cinema, and shopping events and performances all at Tamar Park in Admiralty—best of all, it’s free entry! Read on for what to look out for during the six day festival.

Okra: Not Your Typical Hipster Restaurant review

Just two minutes away from Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre in Sai Ying Pun is Okra Hong Kong, a little slice of Japanese paradise created by award-winning New Orleanian chef Max Levy. Despite following that tradition, the dishes are anything but traditional, so you can forget about uni sushi and soft shell crab hand rolls! We tried out the a-la-carte signatures at this unconventional Japanese eatery and never looked back. Here’s the low down.