Spanish Restaurant Olé's New Hunting Themed Winter Dishes

Hunting is not a part of our culture in Hong Kong but you can definitely enjoy a hunting themed meal at Spanish Restaurant Olé, especially if you crave for heartwarming comfort food recently and that’s me all the time basically so I’m thrilled to be invited to try their hunting theme menu earlier this week

Travel through Thailand in Central at Ayuthaiya - Exclusive Tuk Tuk Menu in November


If you have been to Thailand, you must be familiar with “Tuk Tuk” (auto rickshaw) which is one of the main form of transportation there but don’t be surprised if you find Tuk Tuk in Hong Kong recently because it’s a new menu at  Ayuthaiya. The new menu taking inspiration from Thai street food as well as gourmet Thai dishes from different regions including of salads and mains, available until end of November.

Gaucho's Argentinian Christmas Showcase – Brunch and Dinner Menu


It’s starting to get cold in Hong Kong and I cannot be happier especially for two reasons: 1) I can layer clothes again 2) holiday season! Yes, there are people who are already making plans for Christmas and Gaucho is one of them. I went to try their Christmas brunch menu last week and here are some of my thoughts.

New Brunch Option in Lai Chi Kok – Si Simply Italian Introduces its 15-Dishes Weekend Brunch


Brunch with free flow booze is probably the recipe of perfect weekend morning, Si Simply Italian knows us so they introduces their first weekend lunch menu which includes 10 appetizers, 1 main course and 4 desserts (on a platter).

Located in D2 Place, Lai Chi Kok, the Italian restaurant wants to bring approachable Italian cuisine to the neighborhood - you can tell from their interior design where they use modern, minimal style wooden furnitures, floor-to-ceiling windows and plenty seats available. It creates such a relaxing atmosphere for diners (and early risers too!).

McSorley’s Ale House is Returning to Soho with New Menu and Offer


Anyone who has lived or studied in UK or Ireland for a while will miss the pubs and the pub food as they’re not easy to find in Hong Kong. McSorley’s Ale House has been a lot of people’s favourite for years and it was our big loss when they decided to move out of Soho a few years ago but the joyful news is that it is back to Soho and I was lucky enough to have a taste of their menu last week.

More Than the Norm - Review of Contemporary Korean Restaurant Momojein’s New Menu


My passion for Korean food is uncanny, something about how they put different materials together to make the dishes so refreshing and satisfying always amaze me so it’s no doubt that I was thrilled when the contemporary Korean restaurant, MOMOJEIN, invited me to try the new menu. We've tried alsmost a dozen of dishes during the meal but here some of my favourites to share with you.

Wine is Bottled Poetry - Pernod Ricard’s Fine Wine Collection and Winemaker’s Table


Pernod Ricard has been a leading winemaker in the industry for years and yet still manage to surprise us with its expansion of wine collection. In celebration of the launch of Pernod Ricard Winemakers Fine Wine Collection, Pernod Ricard hosted a winemaker’s table at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong and luckily I’m one of the guest.