So back some time ago when the government was asking for ideas for the Central Market and I made my submission idea concept for a multi-functional entertainment venue for all to book with built in sound and lighting and flexible staging. The location and the size would be perfect for a lot of public events of that size and being an event organiser at Entertaining Asia myself, of course I am going to wish for more unique locations to host different events in the city.

What I was thinking as part of my idea for the venue was that the walkway would host a ticketing kiosk, food and beverage options, merchandise shop and other retail outlets that would also be on the 1st floor. The ground floor would be the main hall for the performances. So the idea that I had was that the venue could accommodate comedy shows, community and charity events, corporate functions, movie nights, live band shows to Chinese Opera.

So, does anyone know exactly what will be in there as it is looking like it will be finished soon? 

What they do say in their FAQ section is: "With reference to the public comments obtained from the extensive public engagement exercises, the Advisory Committee concluded a set of operation principles and guidelines. For examples, there will be no luxury brand shops or bland, homogenized retail shops; while cultural and affordable retail shops that incorporates multipurpose use such as greenery and public open space will be encouraged".

That does sounds pretty good that the retail aspect will be towards something different in the spectacular venue. Do keep an eye on their website, especially their what's new page and I am sure we will get more details soon.

Excited to see the end result.